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    On the right in both.

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    Overkill wrote:
    So Shaf, after adding some girl who works at calendar girls, trying to mack a stripper.. finds this picture of me after i'd finished an 11hr shift at work in fort lane one morning.

    note: i have no idea who she is, but strangely enough feature on her FB page. dafuq.

    Shard McNeil.

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    Might as well chuck one up.

    Me on the right djing with Flick and Sander B at the upfm birthday party.

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    Standing in front of a very nice building:

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    And in the middle bathing with an elephant in Nepal:

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    5loth wrote:
    Standing in front of a very nice building:
    smuggle M&Ms much??

    Gypsy fair.... I was scared, scarred and cursed

    Edit: gee I look fat! hahaha Im the one pointing

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    You've walked past me sooo often at Pomeroys. I've always had my suspicions. Next time I shall say hi.

    I'm the redhead:

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    Hey, how can I recognise you when you are all the way down the slope ? Let me know your mug so I can recall my serving days!


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    Unknitlemon6855 wrote:
    Nice looking 172, glass or steam? PPL or CPL?
    This is me a while back >>>
    Yay - Me toooo

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    Goin sailing! Pine Harbour Marina (east of auckland) in the background.

    Halloween party awhile back, I am the lazy bastard wearing the pirate hat. Was well impressed with the Duff Man outfit though.

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    im CPL, its a steam SP model, yet to find a glass tourist flying plane.

    **** it, old photo, hunting in skippers.

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    guess which is me.

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    ^the guy in the red

    stick insect > mantis

  17. Yelling

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    Here's a pic of my wife & I

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    Is that your infamous husband? I always thought you were a maori guy, not a creepy looking white guy

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    Say's the creepy white guy with tats over his hands & half way up his face lol

    Me & my lil chipmunk on the coastal walkway

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    Don't judge me by the colour of my skin br4

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    jdz wrote:
    Don't judge me by the colour of my skin br4
    Nice. Creepy, but notable less creepy than the photo above.

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    That was my partner at the time, not now

    Here's my whanau au

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    Haha, you look like a cool dude IRL jdz.

    -e- Obligatory pic of me. (No pic no post)