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    Yeah I love it eh, the offset and ride height are pretty spot on for me. Pity it was quite scary driving through K gorge with hardly any visibility and rivers running across the road.

    Now it just needs to stop having water going missing...It used 2L of coolant between tauraunga and auckland... And the leak that I found before still seems to be sealed after i put stop leak in, so NFI where its leaving from. Ill rip it out tomorrow night and get it repaired proper.

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    Sheesh driving through karangahake in that weather, along with the complete Muppets is crazy.

    But car looks sick dude, isn't stance nationed like most

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    The latest toy;

    Punched it into a VIN decoder, turns out it was factory fitted with the M-Sport package including the cool interior, low suspension and massive brakes. A diamond in the rough, came up OK with a good scrub and definitely more car than I first expected/paid for.

    I wonder what its like on the track?

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    yaayyyy 335i~!

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    gonna juice box it?

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    Nah, I'll leave it standard for now and see how it goes - I doubt I'll have it for long but I'm sure as hell going to enjoy it while I've got it. Got a bit of preventative maintenance/service stuff to do on it which will pretty much demolish the budget.

    Weegee wrote:
    yaayyyy 335i~!
    We are now pretty much brothers.

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    I'm not a bwm guy but man that is one sweet looking car dude. Ditch the dirty old mitsis

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    I love my dirty old rattly Mitsis!

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    I'll admit I loved my vr4. Was just something cool about it. Not as cool as a red GTO though