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    **** the three diamonds mate MOAR PIX OF TEH F100 !!!!

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    Egor wrote:
    Sure it's still an SR20DET either way, if you upgrade it to be the same or better then it will be, well, the same or better. But from stock, the Aussie model is down by about 40kW. (There's also a few minor interior/trim differences, e.g. no rear wiper on AUDM.)

    The NZDM model is identical to the JDM model except for the badges.

    And even then there's still a lot of badging through the NZDM car that says "Silvia"

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    As requested:

    Fully original, only change from factory is the shitty 2k paint. NO bog, full original 1950's steel

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    ^^^^Dayum! Looks absolutely pristine!

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    THAT SURE IS SEXY MAN ! I helped my mate restore one in our very early teens I also have another mate with one with a good ole 350chev/400 combo . I have a soft spot for those.

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    foRsakEn wrote:
    Fully original, only change from factory is the shitty 2k paint. NO bog, full original 1950's steel
    Damn, that's ****ing nice...

    In other news, is that the standard ride height?

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    man I wish I knew how to spell beutiful !

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    LoL do your freinds call you tatoe ? - some random dude behnd me

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    Bruce Almighty taught me how to spell
    Nifty Sifty

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    more sanding...
    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

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    non-toxic even in large doses

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    On the dyno

    Attached Images


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    Haha egor, looks like you have massively dished wheels almost.
    Pretends to be Liz Shaw for kicks

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    what jo get on the dyno?? do u have spacers egor?

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    Graph is in the dyno thread... I got 146.7kW (it's all pretty much stock under the hood).

    Yeah I have 25mm spacers

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    GPL Flyboy

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    Long exposure ftw.
    All-Year Xmas Avatar Club

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    Engine bay almost Ready for a few coats of primer.Grinded my mounts off and put in the rx3 crossmember and front bracket.

    Unbolted orig fuel tank and started getting measurements for my stainless fake droptank/bigger capacity tank

    Purchased some good condition endcaps for my bumper so apart from grill the the exterior parts are complete (needs paint of course ) And a new stonetray

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    Jewjew you take some nice quality pics!

    Hatch your car's coming along nicely... what is the intended purpose of your build?

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    Thanks man.Basically just going to be a building it to be a car that i can take to racing circut/strip (nothing to searious tho ) events close to home and have a good old go at it but still enjoy it being road legal.

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    Jewjew, what is that squiggly white light in the first pic?

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    Egor wrote:
    Jewjew, what is that squiggly white light in the first pic?
    Looks like a small LED, like a penlight or cellphone light. Set the camera to uber long exposure, hit the button, and twirl the light around as your move across. Because you're dark and moving, you won't show up much in the photo, apart from dark blurs around where you put your feet.

    It's a cool effect, but it can be tricky to get right.

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    Ahhh cunning

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    picked up another car last night. crap pic but you get the idea


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    Hope it's in good nick, black AW11's are pretty few and far between ... actually, so are any good nick AW11's. Nice