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    because Roadkill

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    I've been turning a few of my photos into computer wallpapers atm (2560x1440 for now)
    Free free to download from the link here
    Will keep it up there for a wee bit then remove the link.

    Currently have a NSX and a McLaren next up for photoshoots.

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    "**** this im going home"

    - Brake Disk

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    How to get off a $126 fine.

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    Superlap coverage from a friend of mine.

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    That's ugly

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    What a load of wank

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    I seem to be one of the few people where golf's just don't excite me in the least. I find actual golf more interesting.

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    ^Nardo grey, yummmmm

    Also another pic from when I was hanging with the RWB crew in Melbs.. obv not an RWB Porsche pics to come later ^_^
    E92 M3 [INDOMI] by Winston Gee, on Flickr

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    Glad to see Scott Dixon managed to walk away from this okay. His car is the #9 that takes off like a plane and then gets shredded by the fence.

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    More here