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    impex wrote:
    iirc thats not "real". It was filmed for dukes of hazard. Still pretty wicked for a stunt tho
    I read about that. It was for Dukes of Hazzard, but it was also real.

    It can be two things.
    Gareth's Lawns & Pipe Cleaning Ltd, Hamilton.

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    Don't think this one's been posted here before... but it's a veritable show of oldschool (70s-80s) Japanese cars, including some DR30s, a few Z10 Soarers, more oddball Nissans than you can shake a stick at, a 'Feral' like JP's, and a shiny C130 Laurel that would make Mettler proud

    note the obvious lack of springs, it explains a lot.

    Music's pretty funky as well ('Baby Elephant Walk', haha)

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    some totally sweet cars there,
    check out that insane camber, they're crazy haha.

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    Ruf CTR3

    Cayman/Boxster front with custom space frame chassis and Ruf tuned boxer six tweeked to 700bhp, I want badly!

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    Speaking of Porsches...

    '81 930 turbo?

    Yes please.


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    go honad!

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    HPF Turbo VE Commodore

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    Vinnie wrote:
    wicked video of a aluminim block getting machined into a v8 engine!!
    Now that's bloody cool!!

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    For those of us who race on a small budget, this is my latest hack in action.

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    I'm a bit sceptical of that "V12" 205. Mainly because it'd do bad things to the handling... and it's a massive engine, for a teeny car. Plus it doesnt sound like a V12 :/

    Happy to be proven wrong though

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    A bit of precission drifting
    I've no idea what the car is, or was based on. Or even what it is powered by etc, but it looks ****in' cool

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    lol at this dude... O_o

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    This guy can drift

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    funny vid: lots of rally crashes on one corner.

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    Sam wrote:
    This guy can drift
    that aint drifting, Jihad honda accord drifting is where its at...

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    Supra with 1GZ-FE V12


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    Got grip

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    Oh god please can someone photoshop a "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" on that.

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    Riftcreator wrote:
    Got grip
    Holy crap. Might not be the same place, but there is a Mechanics Place right up the road going by the same name. I know he enters Motorkanas and the like, as he a fully caged MK5 Cortina with a V8 that he uses (yes, I realise that car isn't a Cortina).

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    I'm not a real WRC fan, but these pics just look awesome

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    LoL , I was just going through the targa site last night , looking for pix of Joe Mcandrews VIP Petfoods R34R

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    Go the VN!