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    AnotherLeon wrote:
    Now that could easily be the biggest "cock tease" video I've ever seen.

    If you had access to a video camera, and what appears to be a Mini with an engine where the back seats used to be, well, don't you think you might have taken a SLIGHTLY more interesting collection of footage than it driving slowly out of, and then back into a cul de sac?

    Also, there's a vetaxi's Mini in Auckland that's been around for at least the last four years or so. It's fricken cool to watch on the track.
    Agreed, you sit there waiting for something to happen.....and then.............................nothing But i'll take it over the Honda powered mini any day of the week, cooler sounding, meaner looking (imho), killer power to weight ratio Who cares if there's no backseat, what the hell were you going to do in there anyway?

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    Mettler wrote:
    Isn't there a gif of a CRX sucking sh*t out of a port-a-loo somewhere around?

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    Old but priceless.

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    Does that peice of utter shit even go??

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    from the Vortex site:

    They were tight when he put them on, the car passed tech inspection.

    The explanation was given to me by people who are far more mechanically inclined than me, e.g. they bring their race cars to SCCA events in covered trailers.

    Apparently the threads on the wheel studs were different than the threads on the lugs. The felt tight because some portions of the threads were in contact with the lugs and sufficient to hold the wheel on when the car was stationary or moving slowly.

    However, as soon as the car reached a certain speed, enough force was generated to rip the threads out of the lugs; the threads in the lugs themselves were stripped out of the lugs are were laying on the track and stuck to the guy's new Toyos.

    The example given to me was of an old car whose wheels actually rusted to the hubs; you can beat the wheels with a mallet and shake the car back and forth and the wheels won't come off, but you can then drive the car slowly and they will loosen enough that they can be removed.

    I suppose that a really experienced racer (like the guys that figured out what happened) might have recognized that the lugs were wrong, but weekend amateurs- like me- would probably assume that the lugs were OK as long as you could torque them to the proper setting and they felt like they were properly affixed.

    Bummer for the car, it was really, really nice- pristine condition. Hopefully the tire company owns up to its mistake and does the right thing so he can get the car back on
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    bugger! the videos been removed. if it doesnt come up again, it was club footage of an rx7 racing when all 4 wheels come off simultaneously.
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    ShaunO : ]~

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    that skyline pwns ^^^

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    my mate has a 13bt powered mx5 and its quick as hell. 140 in sec gear off the clock in 3rd.

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    just love the engine roar of it! Deafening in person too inside the shop!


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    cant remember if this posted here already

    scaled down full working ferrari model

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    kart vader

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    has to be one of the best sounding race cars ever! shame about the end result


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    ^^^ rofl at the comentator when he crashes, did he survive ?

    mint sound btw

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    BuRrTToBuT wrote:
    ^^^ rofl at the comentator when he crashes, did he survive ?

    mint sound btw
    Errr yeah he did survive, he owns the race team DJR. Sponsored by Jim Beam now i think, his son Steven drives for them.
    We're still trying to get a 1/18th scale of that car, hard to find one that someone doesn't want $400 for.

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    Jay Leno doing 4-5 minute videos on his cars.

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    What it takes to get a 5 star EuroNCAP safety rating


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    Not really awesome, just mega rofls


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    911SC chasing a saleen mustang. who said 911's cant corner?
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    fUrBuRgEr wrote:
    911SC chasing a saleen mustang. who said 911's cant corner?
    An idiot.

    Just because they bite at the limit does not mean the limit is crappy, it just means if you overdrive it you end up seeing where you came from a few times

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    Looks to me like Saleens can't corner

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    fUrBuRgEr wrote:
    911SC chasing a saleen mustang. who said 911's cant corner?

    Hahaha, oh man, I knew I'd seen that before!


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    Who as is that owned or owns that black sw20 mr2 with no spoiler? Was it RoadSkin?

    I think I saw him in te atetu because it looked like he reconised my car.

    If it was you, hai

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    fUrBuRgEr wrote:
    911SC chasing a saleen mustang. who said 911's cant corner?

    ROFLMAO wtf is that guy on!