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    they are awesome I have seen first time these kinda vids and its really too good guys....

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    I. Love. These. I want to start a hobby now!!! :P

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    LOL who knew patrick would be on here lol. when i get my camera is working i will chuck some pictures up of my truggy

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    hobbies like warhammer are pretty mean a. i always went space marines. When i was 11 or some****

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    If this works, This is my current Model collection (notice my other hobby i used to do underneath).. I love building up japanese models without knowing a single word of japanese.. Currently i'm building a Armored Core Cere's model.. Will post a photo of it when it's completed (note it's kinda rage worthy tiny lil parts flying everywhere!!)

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    Oh **** i need to resize that image :/

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    nzkfc wrote:
    OMFG @ insane heli jesus, and that C-17 was epic, they just needa make some plastic army men with parachutes and do a fly by drop with door open :P
    That is seriously nuts.

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