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    lol you should make a smurf and try to collaborate at a different tier

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    every tier is a hell hole

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    @jdz Maybe you can make another account and try get to a higher MMR bracket. I'm mid 4000 MMR and its pretty avg up here too.

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    I did consider it but I probably don't play often enough to get the level required to play ranked any time soon.

    I've played 2 games of Jug mid and it's actually so good, I had a bit of trouble vs an Ember Spirit but won the game in the end.
    Something I've noticed in all of my games recently is that if I'm on a core hero, I tend to have massive tower damage compared to the rest of the team. It's not uncommon for me to do 30-50% of the building damage myself.

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    What ya'll think? ...

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    Nice - Hows that low pri?

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    dekodE wrote:
    Nice - Hows that low pri?
    Lol get lost c*nt, that was actually a ranked game

    I got LP because of the power cut , made me abandon my game

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    I'm not one to normally do this, but this was epic...

    Just had a 104 minute game. Spent 40 minutes fighting mega creeps and eventually won. Me and rubik were racing to 50 deaths.

    (made so much more satisfying by the fact the opponents party players were TA at 6.3k mmr and BH 5.6k)

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    feels good to smash a monkey king

    ended up back dooring 'em, popping bkb+ult and just right clicking their throne

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    learning ember this patch

    only way to climb out of trench tier to to play mid imo

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    The Real Pacman wrote:
    Me and rubik were racing to 50 deaths.
    I don't know if you're doing DOTA right man :P

    Inoxx how do you get so many damn rampages? I've had one, ever, in 2000 hours of DOTA.

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    Sometimes, win some, lose some

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    come play w me ._.

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    lost like 200mmr spamming ember, at least i can play him now

    death balling with slark seems viable, still boring though

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    Anyone up for some ranked?

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    i feel gross playing caster ember. Even after the new patch, hes still really strong. Im glad too though, ember allows for fun plays.

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