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    Ever had the chance to do the fountain hook of Dendi? No. it will not be revived or replicated for the patch notes have arrived.

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    derpaderp wrote:
    Ever had the chance to do the fountain hook of Dendi? No. it will not be revived or replicated for the patch notes have arrived.
    If I could recall, was it TI2-TI3 years? They removed it immediately after TI was over when Na`Vi won.

    But that was such an epic moment in e-sports, the exploit from NaVi of the fountain hook with Pudge and KotL.

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    We did before the patch arrived once and it was Chen's Test of faith. You gotta time the attachment of the hook to Chen's back to base. I think it was TI2.

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    Ah that's right, I thought so it was Chen but couldn't remember hence why I replaced it with KotL lol.

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    This patch seems f*cked, I'm not liking the respawn changes on majority of the heroes...

    I haven't played 7.06 yet though I will tonight.

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    just remove drow ranger from the game

    I'm doing my 10 international ranked games atm. won my first 2. 1 game later i see all these dudes wanting to play cores (void offlane, sf mid, slark safe) so i'm like ok i won't play what i'm good at i go omniknight. my sf flames me for not picking bane but that's all g

    i'm stack pulling, warding for my slark. he misses some of the easiest cs of my ****ing life. then he proceeds to get echo saber first item before sb, and once he gets his sb he thinks he's strong enough to raid top dire shrine solo, walks into a lc with +120 duel dmg with a PA and sven right beside them, he's ALONE w/o vision and decies he needs to get some stacks of le ol essence and ****ing dies in 2 hits

    he also thought bkb would be a better idea than linkens. meanwhile my void is ****ing chrono'ing sf in ganks like what in the **** is wrong with people, honest to god ****ing garbage pieces of trashe

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    Been there, done that.

    My advice is it's best to not tilt and try not to flame lol. Just keep quiet because if you flame and insult others/teammates it will only worsen your game, triggering your state that affects you mentally and emotionally hahaha.

    If you ever reach to that point again, take a break and do something else then come back and play again when your mind is better.

    Realistically, not every game is meant to be won and every now and then you get a few retarded games that don't make sense, so what, deal with it and learn to not care lol, you'd be happier that way

    I've lowered my playing time (past 2 weeks hours dropping down) due to work and I just laugh at every game now when I lose

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    I see this game still brings out the rage in people.

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    have you tried playing 800 mmr matchmaking? There's a kotl that prioritize dag build then goes to the end of the map to recall his teammates.

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    tbh this latest patch has fixed the game, i didn't realise how broken jungle camps were until now.