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    spreezy wrote:
    poor slade

    haha aussie commentators

    "I think we've found a good referee here"
    I lold at that.

    Only cause brumbies are getting away with murder.

    Commentators have been horrible with names also

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    brenrox wrote:
    Commentators have been horrible with names also
    Jamie Alexander.
    bang ya dead

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    What the **** is that for?
    Whopper caught the ball and gets blown up? ****ing bullshit

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    lucky i didn't end up putting that $50 bet on the highlanders.
    ****ing ****! what the **** is this **** for **** sakes the ****head ref is a ****ing blind mother****er, ****ers of ***hole commentators too.

    *** ****! ****EAT ****DA ****POO ****POO!

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    Jamie McIntyre . That accidental offside call was rubbish, it was just a bad defensive read.

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    ****. Let's hope we got some injuried players back soon,
    bang ya dead

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    Ref should be white carded for that performance. No team should be getting raped by the officials that much

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    Brumbies win a game at home and suddenly it's the super 15 title....bit of perspective ay

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    Jesus we get it you didnt like the ref but he didn't lose us the game.
    bang ya dead

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    I wasn't very confident we would win going in to tonight, but the ref didn't even make it a fair contest.
    Plus raging the ref makes me feel better

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    Bad week so far

    1/5 lol
    Pro CS Gamer

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    He was uneven in places but overall did an alright job.
    bang ya dead

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    Nah that ref was pretty awful, but so were we ... too many holes for the brumbies to run through.

    Sucks for Slade, the dude is riddled with bad luck Time for Noakes to step up.

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    spreezy wrote:
    poor slade

    haha aussie commentators

    "I think we've found a good referee here"
    Does the dude even know what a ruck is?

    BL Slade.
    Hugo Stiglitz

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    Bullls 61 Reds 8

    mess with the bull, you get the horns

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    ANy footage of that Slade incident? Missed it.

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    I agree the ref was bad (he was on debut) but a lot of those errors the touchies sorry assistant refs should of picked up on.

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    so 2 broken ankles this week?

    rugby such a unjury prone sport

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    stormers vs bulls should be a ripper

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    LOOOOL Rattue.
    Hugo Stiglitz

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    Hugo Stiglitz wrote:
    LOOOOL Rattue.

    Miami Heat 2011-2012 NBA Champs

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    lol at anyone who thinks Rattue is anything other than a professional troll

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    Unfortunately his headlines feature on the front page of the herald.
    Hugo Stiglitz

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    Hoeata back