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    Scrubs were great, but kinda got old after a while. Dr Cox is the man.

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    I go back and rewatch it all every year, the Jordan's brother (Brendan Fraser) storyline hits me in the feels every goddam time

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    That was peak feels of the show tbh

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    I never got into scrubs, I feel like I need to watch it. I watched house and that was all the hospital based comedy I needed.

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    RIP Chris. My assumption is he's gonna die saving the hospital, emboldened by having a terminal illness. Hawks v Mason in a boss battle, TK to intervene.

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    Jeez, the rest of the year is going to be boring as hell.

    Christmas cliffhanger: Damo forgets to update their antivirus software.

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    At least Waverly and fat Nick are coming back tonight, and probably Cliff Curtis.

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    Harper you filthy slut!

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    Nick got fat.
    Lol bye Marge.

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    "Pinching in a panic poo"
    Line of the year from Damo.