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    There's a high amount of epics in this set so you see the same commons more frequently.

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    Opened about 35 packs all up using gold and ones I'd gotten from brawls. Ended up with Kalimos, Hemet and Jungle Giants as legendaries. Also Thunder Lizard wins the award with most commons with me ending up with 12 of the buggers 3 of which were from one pack. Also used the dust from Ragnaros, Golden Sylvanas and the others to get Fire Plumes Heart, Awaken the Makers and Open the Waygate as wanted to experiment with those quests.

    Have to say while I don't think they will be main things they are fun to do and found that in wild they quite easy to get off compared to standard. Still managed to pull of something with the Awaken the Makers quest where after almost being killed I played Amara so went to 40, almost got killed again... Reno Jackson. Opponent then concedes and I just picture them slamming their head against a desk.

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    Wild will be pretty nuts now. Think I'll stick to Standard for a while. Really interested to see how the quests pan out - whether there will be 1 or 2 strong ones or if more will be viable.

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    Crafted all the cards for a Elemental Shaman deck, its going ok so far, but the mana curve is a bit wonky for me, not really feeling the decks I've put up so far. I did get rolled hard by a time warp mage though

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    Opened ~100 packs. Got 2x Sunkeeper, 2x Ozruk and Spirit singer Umbra. So looking forward to make some fun decks out of those!!!!11.

    Played around with Hunter a bit, it's really too hard to tell what's weak and what's strong with everyone trying new things but at the very least its fun. You can fill your hand up with so many random beasts although getting the paladin beast is kind of sad.

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    Got 7000 dust from disenchanted wild cars, used to craft the warrior taunt quest deck just won 5 in a row happy now, wanna craft quest murloc shaman next

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    Opened 87 packs and spent 10k dust - made Quest Mage, Quest Rogue and Elemental/Jade Shaman. Quest Mage is a more interesting version of Freeze Mage.

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    I've got Priest, Rogue, Hunter and Warlock quests on the go. Initial impressions: the Rogue quest seems to be the only one that's really powerful, it's insanely easy to activate and take advantage of right away. Hunter I'm preferring mid range without the quest and similar with a discard deck, the quest just takes too long and really isn't that powerful. Priest is...better than I thought it would be.

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    Trying out some quest Priest.

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    You can have a ton of them out even before the N'zoth. It's certainly fun and there's potential especially in Wild, I think it'll be a top deck.

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    dement wrote:
    Trying out some quest Priest.
    Get on my level, bruh. How to shit all over a Quest Rogue as a Quest Priest:

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    Oh, you're playing Wild.
    Was confused there.
    Standard is a different story.

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    Wild is definitely where the quests thrive as I've been using them there and find getting them off quite easy and the minions are also useful especially with the priest one just being summon. For standard I think the main ones will be Mage and Rogue with the others occasionally showing up but will wait and see. I do know my Mage deck has started running counterspell again as that can really screw up the Mage and rogue decks if played at the right time.

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    Wild, lol.

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    dement wrote:
    Wild, lol.
    Well last season Wild was a lot more fun and interesting imo.

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    Lol wild ain't got time for that

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    Yeah when I'm about 3 weeks into an expansion I switch to Wild. Its just waaay more interesting.

    I posted that video mainly because I was surprised to even see a quest rogue in Wild. It just doesn't work there.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Yeah when I'm about 3 weeks into an expansion I switch to Wild. Its just waaay more interesting.

    I posted that video mainly because I was surprised to even see a quest rogue in Wild. It just doesn't work there.
    I want to try the quest in mil rogue.

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    Which one to steal?

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    Probably Pyros, guaranteed value vs RNG that could net you a single shitty spell

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    More Wild Priest shenanigans. I was rofl'ing for about 2 minutes after this game:

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    ^ So Trolden used that clip in his latest Funny and Lucky Moments clip!

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    That rank 5 feels good! Playing Control Mage and Jade Druid at the moment.