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    Welp, I wanted to hit gold before the end of the season, purely because I'm stubborn like that. I've seen tons of threads on the forums complaining about trolls and throwers so I wasn't looking forward to trying but I gave it a shot.

    Somehow went 3:0 last night and made it to gold. Now I can give it a break until next season.

    If I check the profiles of the people I play with and against in QP that makes me think I should be in plat, but ugh, I just can't picture ever successfully grinding my way up from silver where I'll inevitably get placed again next season. It's just too damn random who you get grouped with.

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    Not to mention the art style and general vibe of this game attracts a lot of immature people and angry internet trolls

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    I've noticed since beta, my enjoyment of the game goes down when I play competitive, even at master/grand master games - people are just as toxic and immature.

    Like I said before, go hard for the first 2-3 weeks then stop, jam quick play instead which is more enjoyable tbh.

    Got the Hanzo skin lastnight, looks amazeballs with the gold bow.

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    yeah finally a legendary event Hanzo skin I'm torn between spending my remaining 3k on Genji (even though I barely play him, who can pass up a cross between a power ranger and a gundam :P) and either D.Va or Hanzo..

    I got the soldier one so that's all I really wanted (plus the booby prize of Mei and Bastion)

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    DV.A's skin is amazin, pin up girl

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    Hit master last night (barely) - I want lootboxes but I'm one game away from being back in dia so idk if I should stick to QP till end of season hahaha. Got 20 or so boxes from lvling yesterday and 0 skins.. not even pinks. Just sprays and profile icons

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    Yeah without altered rates for events, and the lack of epic skins this time around, you either have to have the luck of the irish, pay for boxes, or gold for skins.. bit stink really