World of Warcraft: Legion

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    Sverin wrote:
    Barth and jubei'thos/gundrak have a decent aussie/nz horde scene. Frostmourne if you play alliance.

    There is also a good alliance NZ guild on Aman'Thul

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    Check out the recruitment thread here, few that would suit - now I can claim it wasn't a shameless plug :P

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    Seems like tanks are the least needed roles in established guilds? Been sword n' boarding for 13 years and have 0 other life skills.

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    New raid tier coming out on the 20th. You'll find a guild that needs a tank.

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    I like the Chromie scenario, shame about the day wait for her to learn a new talent though. Pointless time gating.

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    Greek wrote:
    ^Sweet, is that your class mount? Grats.

    Yup, each spec has its own colour, the blue variation is Marksman which I've almost unlocked.

    Pretty nice mount.

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    Oh hell yeah, finally finished the Suramar quest chain and got flying in Legion. Also downed Heroic Gul'Dan in a pick up group for my AOTC, so I give them permission to release Tomb of Sargeras now.

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    @Greek im starting a normal heroic team 1 night a week for socials / casuals that needs a tank.
    Alliance - Distortion.