Denuvo - the best "DRM" that can defeat PC piracy

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    GhoX wrote:
    It's like saying medicines are bad because the needle pricks.
    Oh my god, I should start a "absolutely mind bogglingly stupid and completely devoid of all sense of rationality or logic in a false equivalency on GP" list, you've just topped off Krichul's one about abusing girlfriends...

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    Does GhoX work for Denuvo or something?

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    "The recent and record-breaking 5 day crack of Denuvo-protected Resident Evil 7"

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    KaskadeNZ wrote:
    "The recent and record-breaking 5 day crack of Denuvo-protected Resident Evil 7"
    If it's not even a week to crack now, why buy it?

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    hahahaha shit is GhoX still going.

    Denuvo is done. I guess they get to keep the current DRM world champion trophy, they had a good run.

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    So not only has Denuvo proven to be just like any other DRM system and is getting cracked just like the rest, and the speed is increasing, but its also shown to affect performance of the game it's "protecting".

    I am not looking to shit on you Ghox, but has this situation altered your opinion at all about the service/product?

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    I have very little confidence in articles claiming that Denuvo affects performance when in the same article it refers to "reports of Denuvo breaking SSDs", which originates from a long long dead source on some Ukraine website that was taken down very quickly after being debunked. The other claim of performance impact is from the cracker himself, which would be too biased a source to be even considered a source.

    Instead, in reality more and more games are using Denuvo from a greater variety of publishers. And the majority of people do not care that those games use Denuvo. Sure, an increase in cracking speed is expected given time, but the list of games using Denuvo games also grows over time, and pirates do not appear to be catching up:

    There will always be a loud minority of anti-DRM crowd, but at the end of the day people vote with wallets, and votes have been cast.

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    I have some prime land in Florida,.. would you be interested ?

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    KaskadeNZ wrote:
    I have some prime land in Florida,.. would you be interested ?
    I think he would prefer some waterfront property in Cairo, but then again it seems he is already a resident.

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    In my time online I've seen my fair share of hardline no compromise anti-DRM, pro-open source, pro-piracy zealots but I've gotta say that GhoX is the first pro-PC DRM fanboy that I've encountered.

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    ok , a group called steampunks has cracked Dishonored 2 with a real Denuvo license generator with untouched game executable. Things move quickly in the cracking world.

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    Wait so in GhoX's world, a competitor's word is automatically wrong due to an assumed bias, but that company's OWN opinion about their OWN PRODUCT is immune from bias?

    Is that what I just read?

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