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    one_red_god wrote:
    haha tempted to go back and set some new records now
    Good luck

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    That ****ing jump in the lumber yard had me raging for hours.

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    one_red_god wrote:
    I 3 starred them all ages ago. Found the jumps the hardest, except for quattro into the cbd one

    Got the snow expansion, it's fun, not sure how long it is though
    Ugh only bet that by like 1.7 seconds.

    Does anyone know how some jump records are like 600m when I struggle to get 150m? Glitches I assume..

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    dose this game have the Best HDR to show off HDR ?

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    Snow is pretty sweet, good to have different conditions.Yes that jump in the timberyard is hard as ****, although I should use the best/fastest car I have to them I was just doing it with whatever I had at the time.Yeah the speedzones/traps are hardest in the dirt

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    $29 for this snow mountain thing not sure if worth it, is everything so expensive on xbone for dlc?

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    I enjoyed it. Worth it if you are a completionist. I beat the big race in a weekend, but with a bunch of things left to do

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    If you're on PC, be very careful about what version of the game you're on - PG just released an update that can wipe your savegames

    Honestly, what a terrible PC port this is, people with 1080s unable to get 60FPS in surfers and now this? At least you get the XB1 version with the digital download...

    Also, people have been digging with this buggy update and found a Porsche pack, as well as some other cars

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    smashed some records on the jumps by the airport

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    anyone know of any current digital deals for this? looking to get on pc, surely there are better places than the NZ MS Store @ $110?

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    Ms Store / xbox store only on windows if you want play anywhere.. Retail copies might be cheaper eg warehouse, JB etc.

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    Amazon had the deluxe version for $52nzd. Play anywhere version too

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    I think I prefer Forza 6, but the offroad Horizon has been solid. I don't think this has so much replay value over the long run.

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    S14 is up for grabs for 24 hours

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    which S14?