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    The Guild/Player Recruitment Thread (Legion) - LOOKING FOR A GUILD? READ THIS!

    If your guild is recruiting for Legion feel free to post in here. Players Feel free to also post in here if you are looking for a guild.

    Try and including as much info as possible such as:

    [Guild name]:
    [Raid times]:

    [Required Classes/Spec]:

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]:

    [Other miscellaneous guild information and/or comments]:

    Note: Please keep this thread purely for guild/player recruitment messages only. Other messages will be removed.

    Any comments/information you need from someone, please send them a PM, we would like to keep this thread clear to make it easy for people to find guilds.

    posters: Please keep your guild/player recruitment message as updated as possible.

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    [Guild name]: Departed Souls

    [Realm]: Frostmourne pvp

    [Faction]: Alliance

    [Raid times]: Wed/Sun/Mon @ 630pm-930pm server time (830pm-1130pm for Kiwis)


    1/10 M Nighthold, 10/10 H Nighthold, 4/7 M Emerald Nightmare, 3/3 H Trials of Valor.

    [Required Classes/Spec]: Tank, Healer (pref holy/disc priest or MW Monk) + DPS to join our mythic roster.

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]: PM here, btag: HotPotato#1991

    Also open to casual members who are after a good bunch of people.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    [Guild name]: Shadowscourge
    [Realm]: Jubei'thos
    [Faction]:] Horde
    [Raid times]: 9pm to 11:30pm Wed, 9pm to Midnight Fri. NZ times.
    [Progression]: Heroic.

    [Required Classes/Spec]:
    Currently we have a need for ranged dps.
    Exceptional DPS and Healers are always considered. Pretty full on tanks.

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]:
    Via website
    Message Denkai or SloPain in game.
    Can also add me via battlenet Denker#1629

    [Other miscellaneous guild information and/or comments]:
    Shadowscourge was created in 2005, initially on Firetree-US (pre Oceanic Servers). We have been raiding throughout, with many of the same Raiders since Vanilla. We've kept the same Officer/GM core for 10 years, making us one of the most stable and longest running guilds.
    In 2013 we shifted to Jubei'thos-Oceanic to take advantage of the bigger NZ/Aus player base.

    We offer a level of community and comradery that few guilds can boast about. Our core has played and raided together since teenagers and young adults all the way into not-so-young adults with snot nosed kids
    We have active Viber and Facebook groups that are buzzing daily. We're very social, we've had many guild BBQs and gatherings in both NZ and Australia.

    Progression wise we're easy going but focused. Lots of vent chat during trash but we're there to kill bosses. Friday night drinks with serious goals.
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    Looking for an active guild to play on, have DPS on both Alliance and Horde on the Caelestrasz server. Also levelling a healer and tank. Never got into a proper raid except for LFR but would love to try doing it properly.

    Also down for some PvP, did a lot of PvP 3v3s back in the WoTLK days

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    DISTORTION - Kiwi Raiding Guild now 3 TEAMS!

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    Distortion: OC-Caeleztrasz / Nagrand
    Alliance PVE Raiding Guild
    6pm till 9pm Server (AEST) Normally 8pm till 11pm NZT
    (Except the 2 weeks daylight savings overlaps between NZ and AUST)

    Legion Progression:
    Team 1: 7/7 M EN :: 2/3 M ToV :: 6/10 M HN
    Team 2: 7/7 M EN :: 3/3 H ToV :: 3/10 M NH
    Team Sunday: 7/7 H EN :: 3/3 H ToV :: 7/7 H NH

    Legion Team 1: Progression 3 nights a week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - Looking for Caster DPS
    Legion Team 2: Progression: 2 nights a week Thursday / Monday - Looking for ALL
    Weekend Team (Sundays) Social Normals & Heroics: Looking for All

    Distortion was founded October 2008.
    Current GM (me) joined in 2009. We maintained a 25 man roster through all expansions. Always had top 5 Realm rankings. Aim of the guild it to have a progression driven PVE team driving the guilds popularity and standing in the server whilst also maintaining a decent social atmosphere for returning players and social players. Once content is cleared we offer carry runs internally, as well as achievement junkies carrying other members through content they would otherwise not experience.
    Very solid core, Always open to new players. I believe our strength is in our openness and fairness to all that wear the guild tab, and our generally laid back environment. We seem to do well without having to many elitists in the guild that drag down others.
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    Any Horde side guilds recruiting or looking for players on Saurfang-OC

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    Deathbat wrote:
    Looking for an active guild to play on, have DPS on both Alliance and Horde on the Caelestrasz server. Also levelling a healer and tank. Never got into a proper raid except for LFR but would love to try doing it properly.

    Also down for some PvP, did a lot of PvP 3v3s back in the WoTLK days
    Hey man, looking at starting a NZ Horde guild on Caelestrasz for raiding at kiwi times - hit me up in game eritate#1438


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    [Guild name]: Provectus
    [Realm]: Barthilas
    [Faction]: Horde
    [Raid times]: 6-9 svt
    [Progression]: heroic emerald nightmare

    [Required Classes/Spec]: H Paladin/D Priest And any exceptional dps

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]: Whisper giveherthedk/Lenthiouse in game if u have any questions

    [Other miscellaneous guild information and/or comments]: We are a progression based guild and want to clear content.

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    Hey any horde guilds raiding thur/fri evenings or saturday anytime
    currently ilvl878 ret pally on zuljin completed 6/10 with pugs on NH-N

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    any NZ guild looking for resto druid? currently top 5 on the server Barth

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    We're looking for a 875+ DK or two for raiding on Aman'Thul
    Progression is 5/10 H NH. Fairly lax/casual guild, no e-peen or drama here. Minimum age is 25 though, and fair warning most of the guild is 35+
    Raid times (NZST): Mon, Wed, Sun 9.30pm-12:30am (after all the kids are in bed), but if you can only make some of the nights or need to bail early, no one cares.

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    Any guilds on Khaz'Goroth (Alliance)? 875 Prot/Fury warrior, wouldn't mind getting into raiding or mythics.