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    On paper this sounds all me, in practice it was pretentious and dragged. I don't know what movie you guys and the rotten tomatoes critics watched. Yeah it was beautiful (though a little samey photography wise), yeah it was well performed. I just found the central point hollow and borderline juvenile. It essentially boiled down to: there is no "I"' in team. I long for a serious cerebral sci-fi, but this was not it. Best movie of year?! It was so soppy

    Alien design and ships were excellent.

    Sometimes the environment in which you watch a movie counts, despite the impressive visuals I think this would have been better suited to the couch.

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    I found it kind of corny but that's just me.

    it was compelling, plot-wise, i suppose. Although I think the first half of the movie was poorly paced, what with the endless scenes of people breathing heavily in hazmat suits.


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    I thought it was really good and very sad. I guess it impacted me more because I'm a dad and it hit me right in the feels. Aesthetically it was great and beautifully shot.

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    Yeah I know what you mean - as a parent it got me in the feels too

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    Solid film from an accomplished filmmaker that didn't reach Prisoners or Sicario heights of excellence but a good watch.
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    This is one of the best movies I have seen in years. Wow.