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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    Splatoon 2 out tomorrow, anyone else grabbing it?

    Been having some absolutely insane runs in Isaac. Shit this is probably in my top 5 games ever.
    Ordered from nzgameshop so should have it in a few days. Also ordered Isaac but the PAL release has been delayed twice now since I ordered. I would much prefer physical version otherwise would just create an eshop account in another region.

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    Short Skyrim gameplay clip

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    JAFA wrote:
    oh man, really hope its the aus midnight release then.....hoping i can at least jam on the single player at work or something
    its on the nz eshop now

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    Forgot about the Splatoon beta on Sunday :\ how's the controls?

    heard it's a bit weird with motion? can you use analog + motion at the same time, like Zelda?

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    Rekuja wrote:
    Forgot about the Splatoon beta on Sunday :\ how's the controls?

    heard it's a bit weird with motion? can you use analog + motion at the same time, like Zelda?
    The motion controls are vertical only, so you need to still use the right stick for horizontal - even though you can finetune the horizontal with the right stick. Does my head in a little bit so I revert back to traditional non-motion controls.

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    If anyone gets splatoon 2 the app is pretty useful for stats and purchasing extra gear. I've not bothered with the voice chat.

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    In hindsight buying Splatoon was a mistake when my Switch can barely pick up WiFi anywhere I stay zzzzz.

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    im pretty sure the motion controls for splatoon 2 also do horizontal movement as well??? (kinda just like a mouse that can 'look'anywhere)

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    yeah i think i got mixed up when typing that on friday (could only test in the office on the sly)

    You can use motion controls for horizontal and vert. Main horizontal is still stick based but the motion is like fine tuning. Vertical is motion ONLY so you can't use the stick to look up or down. It's pretty weird and I've not looked back since reverting to stick based.

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    RIP Arms... as much as I love Arms, Splatoon 2 is gonna consume a lot of my Switch time :| god damn so addictive.

    Highly recommend, awesome game.

    My only problem is the controls, people keep saying to use Motion because it's more accurate but I can't use it for shit :| I've tried for hours and I just can't do it. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

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    hmm, have you tried playing around with the sensitivity?

    was about to post for those that were on the fence about splatoon 2 that it was on special for $65nzd but sold out :/ (nzgameshop)

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    Tried motion again, absolutely sucked lol, went back to Stick and came first 3 rounds in a row :\

    I can see how motion is better for aiming but I'm really bad with it.

    What sensitivity should I be using for both motion and stick?

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    as with any game that has sensitivity options its what each player prefers but im currently running a motion sens of 2 and stick of 3

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    "Pokemon for Nintendo Switch given a release date of "2018 or Later"

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2019

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    Got my first quad kill last night used the jet pack special, 4 guys all bunched together in the corner


    so addictive!

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    my god the teabagging in splatoon is savage, given you actually gloop into their body after a kill. Someone bagged me so hard, in the next match I was on their team, and I followed them around just to bag them once if they died. which of course, they didn't ><

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    My issue are the AFKers.... my god, too many.

    It's really obvious when enemy team has an afk player