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    Bloody wrote:
    again, if you want to be treated like an adult and a professional, you have to do the hard yards or be hopeful this all exists . If you do not, or as RL and T pointed out, some of them simply do not give a shit and that is pretty much their own fault.
    Where are these videos that you're talking about? Most of the ones I've seen by RL don't point the finger at the player (the Tyloo one being the most recent example)

    Also, if you did watch that movie I posted, you would see that you can get punished for stepping out of line. It took the NHLPA another 10 years to recover after what happened because the teams came down on them hard. Nobody wants to be the first to stick their necks out to risk their livelihoods and understandably so. Assurances would have to be made that there will be no retribution by the orgs.

    Yup, there is always free legal counsel of varying effectiveness.
    There isn't and that's the crux of the issue, free legal counsel seems to come few and far in-between for these players. That's one of the big issues that a PA could solve.
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    look up Thorinn and Richard Lewis as well as the 2 indepth interviews with Reginald .

    Again, PA is done BY the players FOR the players. You know, long term personality like Scoots could pull it together if they really wanted to. You know, the teams and players have balancing act to do, the teams need the players and the players need the teams to succeed. The teams would not even mind a PA as a PA would ensure wages will be normalized and a player dispute will be better handled particularly with poaching. But if the players do not stick their head out for their own risk, then why , honest ask yourself why would the teams or devs or organizers bother? The PA is for the players .. you are right, whoever sticks head out will get cut out. You better hope it is the seniors who will do it who can take the hit. But if they do not do it, they will just get whatever they deserve. And what they deserve has no voice and if they get shafted then it is entirely their responsibility.

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    I can't blame the players for having massive qualms about not wanting to go exclusive with a league that's never had a season, never paid anyone a $ and hasn't said where the money is going to come from