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    Switch Pre-order / Midnight launch?

    With Nintendo’s presentation in a couple of days revealing price/games/release date, has anyone already pre-ordered or are looking to pre-order upon announcement? I know demand often outweighs supply in the US with console releases, so wonder if NZ's demand will outweigh the supply here as well.

    Also, anyone know if there are likely to be midnight release events?
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    I already pre-ordered just in case. Had to chuck down $50 at EB but if you change your mind they refund so not really any commitment. I will most likely be grabbing one regardless of how well it is received (unless its utter trash).

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    Er... do you mean demand outweigh's supply? Because if supply outweighs demand, theres no reason for anyone to preorder.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Er... do you mean demand outweigh's supply?

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    Anyway, no I probably won't buy one at release. I'll wait a few months for the price to drop.


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    I almost preordered on Mighty Ape a few days ago but then I hesitated to checkout, because I wondered if there will be a bundle deal with a game in the next few weeks. I lucked out on the Wii U at launch and got one of those Wii U + Zombi deals at The Warehouse. Yes I'm a cheap arse but then again I should probably preorder now to secure a console.

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    whilst i am more optimistic about the switch than I was the Wii U, going to be waiting for a bit to see how it goes.
    kinda learnt my lesson from the WiiU not to to be so in a hurry to get the console.
    who knows, might see a similar WiiU situation where stores here were just trying to get rid of stock early on

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    So I think eb games has had its pre orders open since the reveal last year. I pre ordered last night. I hope I wont be too far down the list. How much stock do you think they will get?

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    well seeing as Nintendo consoles haven't really done that well in the past (especially in NZ), I feel like stores will be much more cautious with how much stock they try to bring in.

    And there's also the problem of there being reportedly low numbers of units available for preorder in some stores in the States as well. Might not even have enough stock to fulfil demand.

    I'm still going to hold out a bit, whilst BOTW looks like a great game, there isn't much else at launch games wise that demands that I buy first day sadly. Mario looks really good and I loved the first Splatoon, so might pick it up a 2-3 months after release

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    I preordered at mighty ape a few days ago. The "Current Sales Rank" I think was around Top 2000. It's now at top 10, so I wonder if there will be another case of people having to wait a few months for a second shipment to arrive.

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    I might grab one when they have bundle deals so I know I've got a game not just a console collecting dust for a couple of months. Mario and Zelda looks good.

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    Yea I'm gonna be doing the same as you Warzoner.
    Kinda learnt my lesson with the WiiU (that drought was so bad when it first came out)

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    As someone who has a PS4 and pretty much play one game (Rocket League), even just a few must-plays a year is enough for me- anything else is just icing. I know that's not the case for a lot of other people, but works fine for me. There are just too many games to play anyway, so it's almost nice having the choice of games restricted for a change. Maybe I'll actually finish a game or two like when I was a kid.

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    EB Games is still saying pre-order and get it on day one. If they were sold out there'd be a big sign up saying so. For me it really doesn't matter about titles, I've been on a hiatus from consoles for the last 2 generations. Even if there is a handful of good games I've never really had more than 5 or 6 games that I play regularly anyhow. So, Odyssey, Bomberman, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, FIFA and NBA2k which we're guaranteed pretty much has me covered and the whole system could flop and I'd be OK. While I'd like Rockstar to get on board with a GTA game or two that would be icing on the cake. If something like Project CARS ever got around to coming out that'd be great also, but I'm sure Codemasters will bring Grid to the Switch at some point as they're already on board.

    The bonus of having low expectations is that the whole thing could flop and I wouldn't care any less. I'm not riding on this as if its going to be all of my future hopes and dreams and to be honest that comes with a reality that I'm old and I've got better things to do most of the time than playing games.
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