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    Phil5000 wrote:
    People are too sensitive.
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    Did he just spend 11 minutes imitating Trump?

    Or was he being serious?

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    god dammit who the **** cares

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    It's actually impressive how the media continually **** things up for themselves.

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    H3h3 spells it out all nicely. I don't subscribe to PewDiePie videos or anything, but from the few videos i've seen of him he seems like a nice enough dude and the hatorade that is being poured on him right now is undeserved IMO

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    Unsettled wrote:
    It's more than 70 years ago... still too soon?
    Subjugating a group of people is only ok if it's the Palestinians.

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    He makes a good point in his response video. Mainstream media is terrified of him and his influence. Which is why they go out of their way to hilariously misrepresent everything he says out of context.

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    Why are they "terrified of him and his influence"?

    The media misrepresenting things is, sadly, par for the course.

    But where does the notion that they are scared of him come from?