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    FFXIV Tonberry Players

    I have had extreme trouble getting onto Behemoth, I have looked at the best opening hours and times to create, but no such luck. Being lucky enough, I managed Tonberry. Tried to look out for the players listed in the old Player Name Thread, but the search does not bring up anyone at all when trying to add them.

    Does anyone still play? Are on Tonberry? Have a Linkshell that is Oceanic (Aus/NZ players appear to be rather high in Population here) and could help me out with learning the game? Currently level 15.

    Thank you.

    There is also a Free Login period until early May for any existing or new players to come aboard.
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    Behemoth is the go-to Oceanic server but it's located in NA which means you will get 300-400 ping without a VPN.

    Tonberry is the go-to Oceanic server and it's located in Japan, so you will average 120-180 ping without a VPN.

    I have played on both servers and I much prefer Tonberry and it seems there are way more Oceanic players on there than Behemoth, around 7pm NZ time Tonberry is PACKED whereas Behemoth is dying down.

    Plenty of Oceanic FC's on Tonberry, although it's a Japanese server the population I would say is 80% Aussies/Kiwis and 20% Japanese.

    Join the FB group FFXIVANZ and the Discord channel Tonberry Central - links below.