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    I really enjoyed the first one, the population just died too quickly

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    re_vlaka wrote:
    Typically, when reading in the shadows , I agree with virtually everything you say when wee disagreements like this pop up. In this case, however, I think it's possible that the "feel" IST is talking about could stem from their past experience with the first game and how the announcements of new game mechanics/additions etc. makes them "feel" - which I don't think is too out of line, surely?

    I agree with most of what you said about hype and all that, but IST's comment about it being alright to get excited for things also resonated with me a lot.

    I, myself, found 2015's Battlefront to be a lot of fun. In fact, from memory, I enjoyed almost everything about it. I was a bit bummed about it having no real story-driven single-player, but the look, feel (different feel here ), sounds, environments, gameplay, etc. were all excellent in my opinion. Building on that I feel they'd have to make some pretty big blunders to not, at least, live up to the first one, which, if enjoyed by someone, I see as good reason to get excited for it.

    In saying all that, I do think it's important to point out that my expectations of and experience with the first one may have been very different to other people on this forum who played it. With regard to whether or not they are big FPS players, PC players, console players etc. I think things like this can change someone's view of the game a lot. Adding to my having picked the game up maybe a month after launch for around NZ$20 and having never bought any of the add-ons - I can completely understand how people who paid full price for the game may have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

    I do agree with "One is blind hope, the other is creating a fictional narrative based purely on speculation" for the most part though.
    You, I like you

    ChrisB wrote:
    While I think Eva is being too aggressive the above statement makes ZERO sense, and really typifies the issue I have with baseless hype-training. Feel? Feel of what? From the on hands experience you've had? Oh wait.
    I am not about to call anyone a sheep, I just ask for some basic common sense and not automatically assuming anything. That means negative or positive.
    Being interested, or intrigued is wonderful, maybe even being excited about the prospect, but to say the game has a feel is another thing entirely. And putting money down sight unseen is idiotic imo.
    I could go back and just highlight my comments in the pre-release MEA thread to back this up, and actually demonstrate just how silly it is to make claims one way or another about a game that has not even completed development.

    Lastly, there is a massive difference between "throwing caution to the wind" and making claims about how great something is going to be. One is blind hope, the other is creating a fictional narrative based purely on speculation and using that as a basis for excitement. That my friend is actually delusional in the literal sense.
    Whoa there hombre, I never said "it's going to be great"

    I'll define what I'm saying when I say things like 'the feel', what I mean by that is the holistic sense of where the game seems to be going which is based on many things: including my own vast gaming experience, samoan hunter's intuition and data mining over various sources like here, GAF (where I'm posting as much as here) and the varied games media outposts in the wild west that is the interwebs.

    You will note that I'm always careful to use the words 'seems' and 'could' in my seemingly hype* laden delights: as it would be crazy to claim something is GOTY after a cinematic in-engine trailer lol...but I do think we have gotten a bit scared of getting excited for things around here. These video games brother, they are joy in a box and as such that is how I like my lead-ups to games I'm interested in to be, filled with fun/anticipation/community based excitement...if you will.

    It's definitely smart to be cautious when a previous developers game has burnt gamers in the past, and I guess I don't put that on paper as much as I should/could...but I definitely have reservations with games just like the rest, I do mostly focus on what I see as positives from the get-go though as is my way. Games will/have burnt me in the past (FFXV sticks out in my head as a prime example) and I also feel the pain when a game doesn't quite deliver (Andromeda comes to mind, although I am thoroughly enjoying the game), so it's good that we have people in here that pump up games but also keep expectations in check - I see good balance in GP, it's a bit like the Jedi/Sith

    In terms of upcoming games, when it's a new Star Wars, BioWare, CDPR, Bungie, Souls, Bethesda, Obsidian, Final Fantasy etc..(mine/many peoples excitement machines) game coming out, I get pumped as ****.... my question now is, surely the following both enhance an enthusiast community: interested yet cautious with a 'we'll wait and see' mindset, and a mindset based in excitement and educated anticipation, which for me is half the fun of video games. The community feel (maybe I'm a full blown hippie, I keep using that word) leading up to a game's release and the discussion based around it is literally where I derive half of the fun of our hobby from, theorycrafting and discussion is nearly as good as shooting Rebel scum in the face IMO

    * The use of the word hype here denotes my excitement for a game, not hyperbolic statement, which is obviously bad. I will continue to use the word hype since it's of my words lol, but let it be known from this day forward: it means 'I'm pumped for this game!' not 'holy shit guys this is already GOTY, best game ev4r, must pre-order now even if there isn't a way to pull out risk free since **** my wallet son!'

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    Man, the day that IST stops getting hyped will be the day that all hope and joy disappears from the world lol

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    Bt wrote:
    I really enjoyed the first one, the population just died too quickly
    I'm with you on that, they did some decent changes and updates further down the line however by that time the SEA was all but dead.

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    Was never going to be any other way. Needs a server browser though. Had no idea when or if people were even playing Battlefront or which modes. Matchmaking is only good when you have such a surplus of players than finding games isn't an issue.