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    I don't mean to come across as arguing for the sake of argument, but (speaking only of "home console" versions of Mario Kart) I've been throning it since Mario Kart on WiiU : P

    (I do understand, however, that that may have a lot to do with my comparatively small living space and that that may not have been the case for everyone thus now it's "truly" portable)

    But yeah, that was one of the things I loved about the WiiU when it released, using the controller around the house or in bed or wherever : D I guess more than anything I'm sharing your sentiments just with different timing haha : )

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    I am having too much fun with this game. It's no surprise it sold over a million copies during the first week..

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    Super fun game but I do yearn for more unlocks. I just don't have that added carrot on the stick to play 24/7 like I did with MK7.