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    What a shame.

    At least its pretty?

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    I was worried this would be the case. It looked really good on paper.

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    Based on the footage I've seen and the long Lets play I think I will pick this up. Its also pretty cheap at GMG. So maybe next week if things are quiet.
    I really like this game's upgrade and progressions systems, and the limb removal/retrieval system is something I really like the look of.
    Some of my tagged review sources are a little more generous with their remarks, so its a strong maybe. Will give it another week and see what the consensus is.
    Great review though! Maybe I just want to like it, because I love the aesthetic.

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    All good, I'll wait for a sale.

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    Lords of the Fallen was a pretty boring slog that felt it lacked a Soul (pun intended) I never made it to end game but all accounts said that you ended up practically super human. Looks like they've tried to balance that by making enemies more and more hyper as you progress. The end result doesn't sound fun.

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    Lords of the Fallen is shit, sad day when you try to compare it to dark souls, the footage of this game doesn't look much better

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    I am kinda glad it's not great, so I don't feel I'm missing much by not being able to play it (I don't have PS4)

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    Richard7666 wrote:
    I am kinda glad it's not great, so I don't feel I'm missing much by not being able to play it (I don't have PS4)
    You know that it's a multi-plat, right?!/en-...ESURGEPS4SGAME

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    Nup, only saw PS4 in the review, which I now realise was presumably just what they played it on.
    Didn't notice the PC and Xbone tags right below it lel.

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    I grabbed this, and I like it.
    The combat is fun, and responsive. There are animation locks, but that really is part of the challenge.
    The limb removal system is great.
    Its lacking in the story dept, and it has the infinitely re-spawning enemies of these games which I find a chore.

    Its a nice change from the fantasy settings of most of these games. Its only been a few hours but I am happy with my purchase thus far. (GMG credit made it easier to check out). It has a 73 average on Open Critic which is a decent score imo.

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    Cracked Red Eye Orb?


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    I've put in more hours into this. I like it more now than I did.
    It certainly is no Souls, or Bloodborne, but also is not an insult the genre.
    The combat is reactive and engaging. It also gives you tactical depth that the Soulsborne games do not.
    I do feel that people who expect a scifi SoulsBorne will find some barriers here, but for me judging it purely on how it executes its own moves is a success for the most part.
    A solid, fun, rewarding, but also somewhat frustrating experience that is worth picking up at its sub-AAA price.