CardinalNZ wrote:
There is a *lot* of interesting stuff in the Destiny lore, virtually all of it bizarrely hidden off in the not-in-the-game Grimoire. I think Bungie have certainly picked up on what an obvious cock-up that was.
Yep, it's crazy how they virtually hid one of the best science fiction lore-sets in gaming behind obtusely positioned grimoire cards..blows my mind.

In 2014, I poured 100s of hours into vanilla Destiny without the slightest knowledge of the lore that lay's part of the reason I blitzed just before the first DLC dropped as I thought it was just bunch of gobbledegook. Now as a returned Age of Triumph player, I know now (with the help of youtubers and a now large grimoire collection) that Destiny's lore is deep, very interesting and should most definitely have been in the actual game, lol.

Destiny 2's in-game lore/storytelling and these unknown 'scannables' will be the clincher: if they are as deep as grimoire cards....hooboy, it'll be amazing.