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    Posts in this thread appear as comments on the following Gameplanet article:

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    You didn't mention the loss of hill-climb and the monsters that went with it! But much of the rest sounds bang on IMO.

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    Good review, very much the thoughts of most who have played it so far.

    Not doing early access really hurt, relying purely on a few testers and a couple of real drivers never seems to work out too well. We'll see if they support it post launch, because it could be a lot better. Michigan feels cheap, it's a whole location pretty much dedicated to beginners/introduction. Not even close to being a Finland replacement.

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    It appears as if Matt wrote the article, with his name at the top and bottom of the review page. Unless Tim started to look like Matt, a lot.

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    Nice one Matt.

    I'm going to make you play the next Forza game now...

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    It's given him credit on Opencritic too haha. I've amended my forum tag to suit circumstances.

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    Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn!

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    Great review. Will stick to Dirt Rally for now.

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    I've been playing through the Rally career (up to the final licence) and the community events (daily, weekly, monthly) I'm so bored by the stages, even though they are all new to me. As mentioned in the review, often the same 'tiles' are used multiple times within a stage and you just feel like you are playing the same stage but cut up and glued back together. I don't ever feel compelled to use the track generator as it was used in all of these events anyway. Stages just feel like generic backroads being used with no real character to them. Driving through a village in Spain is a nice touch if it occurs but it's limited to 2 or 3 sharp turns then you are back out and it's the same every time. I was looking forward to Wales, and on a sunny day it actually feels like the Otago Rally, but again it just feels repetitive.

    For me Australia actually feels the most varied and exciting, especially in the rain.

    Of all things I've been impressed with it's actually the RX and even the joy ride challenges.

    Also I had an issue with the monthly: after 8 out of 12 stages, it for no reason ended the season for me with everything set to DNF. I'm not alone on this either, with several other users seeing this occur on the weekly. CM acknowledged the error but as for my progress I'd say it's gone-burgers.