Hi, DumKopf!

We are Critical Bacon Games, a startup game company in USA that was formed by 2 industry veterans quitting their day jobs with the intention of making their dream game for mobile devices. A year has passed and our game is almost done! We just launched our site for it: Jurojin.com

Since a lot of the gamers in these forums enjoy MOBA games like Dota 2 and LoL, we'd like to share Jurojin with them. Our gameplay is semi-MOBA but with more focus on player fighting. Where should we share our game in your forum? We'll be launching our game in New Zealand first so we don't want to just post once and leave: we'd love to also do an open Q&A or moderator interview as well. Anything to help out other game devs or aspiring artists! We want to establish an ongoing relationship with your forum over the next 12 months so that your users can have continual access to us to give feedback as we release monthly updates with new content and patches based on player feedback and suggestions.