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    Thread: Microsoft unveil Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

    This is going to be a huge fail. Yes the games are decent, but you can regularly pickup game pass for $1 and live for $1. $370 nzd and you have no option of returning a game if you don't like it, or...

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    Thread: Crunchyroll Guest Pass

    OK I got 3 of these that will go to FileZilla Malwarebytes Rufus waste. Anyone wants them?
    Essentially you get the premium stuff for 48 hours. Ie watch the latest simulcast, no ads and 720p stream....

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    Thread: GP discusses ultra-wide (21:9) monitors

    Looking for a new monitor preferably in the ultrawide form factor and with 1440p as opposed to 1080p.
    not looking at the gaming ones as it is Vidmate iTunes Notepad++ more for productivity/content...

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