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    Thread: Metro Exodus

    Question for those who played: is the simplest mode simple enough for beginners in gaming? Wanna buy, but afraid I'll not be able to play it and don't want to spend money in that case, as I dont have...

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    Thread: For all PC Gamers with a minute to spare (questionnaire)

    Where can we find results of the questionnaire? And what is its purpose?

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    Thread: Game Of The Year 2018 Discussion Thread

    Google agrees with author of thread after inputting 'top games of 2018'. The only difference - it places Fallout 76 on the 5th position. Not sure if new Fallout was successful at all.

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    Thread: ARK: Survival Evolved

    - I will never buy games again!
    *sees dinosaurs*
    - Sell me two!

    no, really, the theme of dinosaurs sounds pretty cool. hope the game worth it.

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    Thread: Is PUBG dead?

    My friends play PUBG and they say the problem exists. They were waiting nearly for 5-10 minutes a week ago and there was no waiting at all last spring.
    Should I advise them to play another game in...

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    Thread: Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've already watched everything I've found about RDR2. But it's not available for PC, so I am not able to play it. Believe, pray and wait for PC version.

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