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    Thread: Disco Elysium

    Looks fun, will keep an eye to this!

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    Thread: *OFFICIAL* Rate the song above you

    6/10, not my type but i like the guitar guy.

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    Thread: Tool 2019

    They are actually gonna have a new concert in a few days from now, i've read that on a news article through the internet.

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    Thread: Thinking of taking up Photography?

    Thanks for the awesome guide dude. I've actually read this a few days ago just never had an account to reply :p

    I take photos and post them on instagram.

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    Thread: WoW Classic Hype thread

    Is it worth it playing WOW? I've played once but i stopped cause it bugged out really bad while i was playing for the first time. Some friends still do play and said it's grindy.

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    Thread: Apex Legends

    Nah, i stopped playing to be honest. Was having framerate issues.

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