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    Thread: 2018 SKT News

    . this year was simply Bang being below average and Peanut / Huni not able to playing to where they were before.

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    Thread: Cannabis

    . The advantages of having it available for every day medical problems out ways any problems people will claim it will cause. 2c. It's working wonders in places where it is legal. The original reason...

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    Thread: Newbie thread - questions/tips/information posts

    So a 'season' is roughly a year's worth of play time. 'Season 2' started last November, and ended with the World Champs in October this year. It officially ended with the patch after that, in early...

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    Thread: Worlds 2016

    Welcome to 2016, where matches are made up and placements don't matter.

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    Thread: TECHNIQUE Thread 2010 - For general photography questions and advice

    So really keen to here from people with some experience from here. In particular, in relation to how to correctly expose the shots for an event where you're going to be taking a lot of photos on the...

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    Thread: Folding For Leigh

    You have to do a full WU before it'll show your name hover your mouse over the system tray icon, it shows your process on the protein you're working on... im at 215/400 atm

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    Thread: CS:GO Players Match Making Thread

    please to add deathguise

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