"Anime is not a right. It is a privelege, a consumer product, art, work for hire, a luxury, a hobby, entertainment" - Chris Beveridge former owner of AnimeonDVD.com

If you understand what it means, I trust you don't need to read the rules of this forums. In case you don't and never do when you were redirected here, these are the rules when posting in these forums (in addition to the Open Discussion rules):
  • First off, NO TALK OF FANSUBS/DIGISUBS. No linking to any fansub/digisub website. Heck don't even mention where you download it from. They are illegal. Period. If you do, don't be surprise if you get hit with the Banning stick. Just talk about the anime, and not where you got it, or how "this group's release sucks, get it from these guys instead" or "I saw this on YouTube".
  • The above rules apply to scanlations of manga and artbooks, or any other printed matter related to anime or manga.
  • Not sure if an anime has been licensed? See AnimeNewsNetwork's comprehensive Encyclopedia to see if the title has been licensed.
  • Have some forum etiquette please. One word posts will be deleted.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • No English dub bashing.

Please support the Anime industry by buying the licensed DVDs and/or Blu-rays. Remember, you are paying the anime companies to make more anime!

Don't have the funds to spend it on DVDs/BDs? There are plenty of streaming alternatives that you can get your anime fix from:

Buying bootlegs are bad. Not sure what's a bootleg? Check this site out.

Added by Xenith: Just one small thing to add to the excellent rules above as outlined by Nork22. Some of the threads in this forum will require users to use spoiler tags. Quite often, it is difficult to control the content of threads without ruining the experience for others by lack of understanding of how spoiler tags work. If you enter into a new thread, it is YOUR responsbility to ensure you know how to use spoiler tags and that you will agree to apply them to avoid ruining the thread for those members who wish to remain oblivious to the plot or storylines of certain manga and anime titles discussed here. If you're unsure of how to use the spoiler tag, this is how it is done:

[spoiler] put your text inbetween the two bb code tags like this [ /spoiler] PLEASE note - that to make the tag work you should have no gaps between the bracket and the slash in the end tag. If you must discuss spoilers please use the tags. Do this and the forums will remain a much happier place!