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    thats dnb is good but its sooo old.
    heres some new tunez !

    Kryptic Minds - Whiplash
    Raiden - Fallen
    Subwave - Bad Ambitions
    Marky & XRS - Closer
    Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound - Lazor Razor
    Kemal & Rob Data - ****ing Hostile
    Causes 4 Concern, Concord Dawn & Bulletproof - Scorched Earth
    Trace - Mutationz (Concord Dawn Remix)
    Bad Company - The Hornet
    Dillinja - Live or Die
    Dillinja - The Warning
    Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea

    that should keep you busy

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    This is just what I like, and think you should check out;


    HIGH CONTRAST!! anything by this guy is good - (return of forever, make it tonight, global love)
    John B (Up all night)
    Shy Fx and T Power
    Total Science
    Ant Miles
    Bad Company (Rush Hour)-MUst Listen!
    Mampi swift (bladerunner Ep is shit hot)
    Dillinja is always good if you like tuff D&b - LOUD and plenty bass, he also works under the sudename Capone which is also great.

    If you can find it there is an american artist called Diesel boy - he's dope (invid)

    Have a squizz at this - - you won't need to go to ANY other site for D&B

    choose d&b shop and stream some audio - there SO much there- live sets new plates and shit.

    Anyway, thats just my D&B picks with the help of my flatmate, and DJ, infact, now that I think about it, my flat has a sick setup now; (Just had another DJ/ MC move in)

    4x Vestax PDX2000's
    1x Vestax PCV275 3 channel mixer
    1x Vestax HipHop mixer
    1x Chaos PAD
    and needless to say; too much Vinyl

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    Originally posted by Scaramanga
    Anyway, thats just my D&B picks with the help of my flatmate, and DJ, infact, now that I think about it, my flat has a sick setup now; (Just had another DJ/ MC move in)

    4x Vestax PDX2000's
    1x Vestax PCV275 3 channel mixer
    1x Vestax HipHop mixer
    1x Chaos PAD
    and needless to say; too much Vinyl

    lucky Edit....
    im saving for tables too. if i can get heaps of praccy in i have hookups overseas...
    looking to do a docomentary on the Street Parade in zurich when i go there in august, bring u guys back video footage.... then u guys can cream urselves over what ull never experiance here in nz..

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    German raver chicks dancing with their hands in the air and big muffy armpit hairs? ... bags not seeing that vid...

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    nah bro. zurich is in switzerland, they shave there

    hahaha and germany does as well its france that doesnt

    ps, soz nimrod i forgot....

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    Originally posted by ePHEDRA

    hahaha and germany does as well its france that doesnt
    I'd like to disagree with you on that one, and I do speak from personal expierence, with both Germans, in Germany, and in New Zealand, but anyo...

    Switerland looks dope, cant wait to go check it out, smoke some nice bud in the alps and chill.....Tell me about this parade street, havnt heard of it before.

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    rofl u got bad picks then

    but yeah man for sure... heard of the love parade in berlin? its similar to that cept last year it topped the love parade in attendance.... 1.2 million ppl. or something like that.... makes switz the party capital of teh world... seeing as ibiza isnt a capital...

    if u have a good connection and dont mind using some of ur bandwidth.. check out the live feeds of the parade here... 2001 is the best one cuz it rained at 2002...

    yeah man buds in switz own... they are legalising like holland soon or have done so already havnt spoken to mates in ages.... u can buy buds and mushies from hemp stores.. :wtf: i was sooo surprised when i found that out

    icq me 77881925 if u want to know anything else...

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    updating the vinyl collection or the odd mp3 to reconstruct

    - Sound of Overdose vol 1. - City to City - rmx's by Dj Wag and Dj Scot project - label : Overdose Records
    - Sound of Overdose vol 2. - City to City - rmx's by S.H.O.K.K and Dj Sakin and friends - label : Overdose Records
    - Flutlicht - The Fall (swiss uplifting trance)
    - Fallout Boy - Hallucination Generation (uberdruck rmx) (german hard trance)

    By the way i heard a rumour that Dumonde aka Dj Jam X and DeLeon will be coming to New Zealand to the party known as Hullabaloo *cbf on spelling* This Dj team is Top notch Hard Trance and i thoroughly recommend them.

    Dj Jam X and DeLeon - Tomorrow (Dumonde rmx)
    Dj Jam X and DeLeon - Louder
    Dj Snowman - And Then they start to dance (Dj Jam X and DeLeons Dumonde rmx)
    Green Court - Follow me (Dumonde rmx)
    Dumonde vs Lange - Memory
    Dumonde - God music (cosmic gate rmx)
    Dj Jam X and DeLeon - Can u dig it (self control) - label : Anthem
    Bathezz - On the move (Dumonde rmx)
    and plenty more.

    Once again see these guys if u have a chance.

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    more vinyl just bought yesterday....
    - FlutLicht - The Fall (a side - Marc Dawn rmx, b side - 2Players rmx) label : Drizzly records
    - JamX and DeLeon - Mind made up (a side - rank1 rmx, b side - Dave Joy rmx) label : Fate recordings
    - Tempest - Sound of life (a side - Dave 202 & phil green mix, b side - Trash mix) label : Sectioned recordings
    - Incisions - Beyond motion part 2 (a side - Steve thomas rmx, b side - Dj choci rmx) label : Vicious circle recordings

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    new vinyl updated...

    -uberdruck - ****master - bulletproof records (german hardtrance)
    -Titchy Bitch and fallen angel - brainstorm - Phantom Trax (UK hardhouse)
    -Mario Lopez vs Dj Headhunter - What are u looking at? (german hardtrance)
    -Dj Virus - Future Shock - Blutonium (german hardtrance)
    -Rainbow warrior - Mystery of space - Club quake (german trance)
    -Paffendorf - Crazy sexy marvellous - Gang go music (german hardtrance) check out the Hennes and Cold rmx.
    - Norman Bass - Clap ur hands - Hitland (italian hardtrance)
    - Svenson and gielen - answer the question - ID&T (NL trance)
    - Hypertraxx - Paranoid - Overdose (german hardtrance) Dj scot project and schwarze puppen rmxs
    - Dj Sakin and friends - thunderbird - Overdose (german hardtrance)
    - Alex G and Fame - Freedom - Sonar (swiss trance)
    - Marc et claude - Loving you - Alphabet city (german hardtrance) Dj isaac and Marco V rmxs
    - Warp Bros - Cokane/Powder - Dos or die - German hardtrance

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    where abouts did u strike oil ?

    you arent telling me you actually bought all those plates are you ?

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    presents mostly from friends in musical places. but yeah i just got a lot in from ordering...
    then again knowing the right ppl lowers prices.

    pity i dont have turntables aye.

    hahaha. well none of my own.

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    just got some new cds from switz.
    one is a night in a club in zurich the others are cd releases of parties around switzerland.

    evolution 12 mixed by DJ snowman
    1. persuasion - mesh
    2. dreamcatcher - dj greenhead
    3. dreaming of you - thrillseekers
    4. angel eyes - 7th sense
    5. sky - dito
    6. heardest heart - blank & jones feat. anne clark
    7. touch the skies, talk to the stars - cape town
    8. answer the question - svenson & gielen
    9. situation - a situation
    10. faith - mark norman
    11. overdrive - dj darkzone
    12. metro - ultra
    13. 2nd dimension - dj shog
    14. avenue d'amour - balearic bastards
    15. matrix - matrix
    16. oneness with the universe - o.s.i.r.i.s.
    17. time traveller - sj subsonic
    18. pure thrust - basic dawn
    19. waiting for an angel - z-sunrise
    20. skynight - gee mp feat. alessia

    Goliath club tour mixed by max b grant
    1. look of love 2002
    2. forever - skydiver
    3. spring 2002 - dj loop
    4. hey dj - max b grant
    5. sky - dito
    6. legends - dave 202 & phil green
    7. angel eyes - 7th sense
    8. music inside - castello
    9. chaos in motion - andy prinz
    10. rings of jupiter - pacific link
    11. insomnia - player one
    12. no rules - kaze
    13. i will - black spider
    14. time of passion - cherry dee
    15. technorap - dj mill & manuel t
    16. get up - dj provide
    17. contact - walt vs zero-gi
    18. final destination - dj nice
    19. trigger - dj simple
    20. norther spirit - pure 'n' jamie
    21. hey dj - videoclip

    trance night 6 mixed by nonsdrome
    1. lethal industry - dj tiesto
    2. supersoniq - marcos
    3. sky (talla 2 xlc remix) - dito
    4. explode (epic extended) - jordan & barker
    5. indian spirit - dj sabu
    6. harder they come (tracid mix) - target
    7. scratchin - frankin jones
    8. cocaine (dj wag reworx) - yakooza
    9. second chase (kaylab vs. reeloop mix) - dave joy
    10. message - dj m.i.t.c.h. feat. dj arne l ii
    11. ready for take off (original mix) - dj nonsdrome
    12. mixmaster (bobltd. mix) - acer
    13. legends (hiijackers remix) - wavescope
    14. oasis 2002 - sunseeker
    15. androids (original long version) - pale x
    16. altitude - altitude
    17. anthem 2002 (johan gielen remix) - sensation

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    i want to make a track with u... i might be able to get it published if its [s]oopa good...

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    George Acosta feat. Sarah Simon Ė Emotions (Dj Marc La Cruz Remix)

    This dudes pretty good for an american... tho his hardstyle is typical of another dj "dj wag" nice to see dark beats being spread out and picked up on.

    Anyone looking for dance music to buy? Hardtrance id say Resonate 2 mixed by Lee Haslam.

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    Any you guys order plates off the net?

    With the strong kiwi $$, now is the time!

    can recommend;

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    )EIB( tomorrow night at Studio 9 !!!!

    phat as
    pity I can't get Friday off ... really want to go
    unless I go straight from S9 to work

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    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet all goes into my collections

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    Just got this Primo as DnB vinyl... Its dark and bassey...

    Technical Itch Presents Penetration 8 - Side a - Destroy, side b - Altivex..
    impressive stuff.

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    Dj Energy + Dj Tiesto owns!

    Anyone got any more stuff that sounds like there stuff? Thats trance right?

    I'm a newb train:

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    Deep House - Tiefschwarz (german for deep black)

    just saw these 2 guys live at the centro, really awesome i highly recommend any and all of their tracks

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    Originally posted by alexx
    Dj Energy + Dj Tiesto owns!

    Anyone got any more stuff that sounds like there stuff? Thats trance right?

    I'm a newb train:
    yes they are trance... Tiesto is great but energy cant mix for shit ur looking in the wrong direction if u like him... however same sorta stuff then Dj Indian, Dj Subsonic, Dj Mind X, Dj Tatana, Tillmann Urhmacher, Paul Van Dyke, ummmm lotsa others... talk to me on msn add me [email protected]

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    ID and T HardTrance Vol.2 CD2

    1. Cherry Trax - The Flight
    2. Megara Vs DJ Lee - Full Intention
    3. Cosmic Gate - Milky Way
    4. Citizen - Bangin Man
    5. DJ Jam X & De Leon - Louder (Hennes & Cold Remix)
    6. Fallout Boy - Hillucination Generation (Uberdruck Remix)
    7. Yakooza - Cocaine (Derb Remix)
    8. The Hose - Call It Hardstyle (Technoboy Remix)
    9. Kai Jaxx & Hyprr - Reset Your Mind
    10. Hennes & Cold - Get Down
    11. Walt Vs Zero Gi - Exiter (Showtek Remix)
    12. Space Frog - Follow Me (Derb Remix)
    13. Stormcatchers - Chillin (DJ Headhunter Remix)
    14. Organ Donors - 99.9
    15. Sioux - Pho (Cosmic Gate Remix)

    nice cd nicely mixed too... dunno who the mixer is... tho... could be a computer

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    New vinyl

    Yoji Biomehanika - Theme from a banging globe (original mix and Ferry Corsten rmx)
    gonna go in to firm and flipside tomorrow when i get my decks and see if theres anymore i want... be mixing tomorrow night tho

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    New Vinyl just in

    1.Nukleuz green - Dj Energy - Excelsis (original and S.H.O.K.K. mix's)
    2. Nukleuz - BK and Nick Sentience - Flash (Blackouts f4 rmx and Nuew idol rmx) and E-Trigger (BK's Schnoz workout)
    3. Honeypot - Lee James - Contact - and Spencer Freeland - Is Truth the light -
    4. above the sky records - Mat Silver vs Tony Burt - Teardrops (S.H.O.K.K. rmx, hard mix, and original trance mix)

    primo got two new cds too... one done by a friend of mine Dexter and one done by Mnemonik from Horny Toad records... nice work