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    new cd...

    DnB for once :P

    Renegade Hardware Present The Four Elements mixed by Dj Friction.

    cant be bothered with a tracklist but the cds banging all the way. nice stuff.

    lots of concord dawn tracks on here too

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    Originally posted by N3v3rm|n
    nice cd nicely mixed too... dunno who the mixer is... tho... could be a computer
    that computer would be dana

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    or it might have been tomcraft

    I can't remember


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    shit yeah drum and bass

    concord dawn -morning light
    concord dawn -guardin angel
    concord dawn -black friday

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    For any who like to use their bandwidth to listen to online music. has just updated.
    Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House, Euro Dance, Hardcore, Deep house and Dj Mixes make up the electronic side of the site. While the site also contains two non electronic channels : Mostly Classical and Jazz.


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    Originally posted by N3v3rm|n
    For any who like to use their bandwidth to listen to online music. has just updated.
    Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House, Euro Dance, Hardcore, Deep house and Dj Mixes make up the electronic side of the site. While the site also contains two non electronic channels : Mostly Classical and Jazz.

    That site is awesome, and gives great listening most of the time, with a great variety of music. I`ve been listening to it on and off for about 6 months, and if you like this type of music I reccomend you check it out

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    Just got some more tunes.

    various on cd.
    - Lavidium - Space (warp brothers remix) - Hard Trance -
    - DJ D-Light feat. Climax - Massanfertigung (original mix) - Tech Trance bit proggy too -
    - Langenhagen - moinsen (lars palmas rmx) - Prog trance
    - Kira - I Will Be Your Angel (alphazone remix) - trance -
    - MTW - Until the End (original mix) - Hard Trance -
    - TJ - Mellow Claps (yakooza club mix) - Hard Trance -

    - Dj The Crow - What you're looking at? - Bulletproof records. - Hard Trance -
    - Drugface - ****master - Bulletproof records. - Hard Trance -
    - Kaylab - Here we go - proceed. - Tracid -
    - Dj Subsonic - Time Traveller - Turning Wheel. - Trance -

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    Just recieved a cd from dear old dad back home.

    Mixed by Dj Pure -Tranceescape 6
    Swiss Dj Elite.
    Progressive mixing style.


    1. comlicated - dj simple
    2. jack to the sound - norman bass
    3. infinity in your hands - dj darkzone
    4. let's take a break - kriminal sputnik
    5. real penetrator - lars palmas
    6. spirit of god - unix
    7. expander - marc dawn
    8. h - angel of death
    9. like a dream - andy jay powell meets robert klein
    10. electric - e-mission
    11. first rebirth - jones & stephenson
    12. release - dj jamie
    13. heat - luca antolini dj
    14. you're liying - croydon dub heads
    15. certanly - marco v
    16. cosmic wave - avalanche
    17. ruff stuff - noise vs- nonsdrome
    18. waveform - megaphone
    19. we came in peace - dj arne l 2
    20. into other worlds - slipstream

    nothing to say but phat.

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    finally had some spare cash to buy Groove (great dvd about rave in san francisco)

    go digweed
    go digweed
    go digweed
    go digweed

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    Trance[]Control - This is my HOUSE
    Trance[]Control - Deep Vibrations free downloads of those songs.

    Mckey Traxx - Ibiza 2002


    Trance[]Control - Out There 2002
    Amok Vibes - Energy Rave Mix

    Trust me i know what im talking about. These are my favourites along with other 20-30 tracks that i theoretically CAN post here but only if you want me to and you like those above

    All those tracks can be downloaded free on but also from kazaa since they are free in the 1st place.

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    Sour accounts own for getting dnb and other sorts of music!!
    (i'll post a track listing later )

    anyways 24/7 live dnb radio :

    Also: Marcus Intalex VS Klute comming 2 NZ soon!!!! !

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    Finger 4 - Mixed by Dj Noise. Nonstop Progressive Mix.
    1. stars - paul masterson (steve murano mix)
    2. toxicated smoke - pulsedriver
    3. airport - a & g (essential dj team mix)
    4. city 2 city - sound of overdose (dj scot project rmx)
    5. feel it - dj pure
    6. do not attempt - kaylab (original mix)
    7. do you see the light - snap vs. plaything (steve murano mix)
    8. no more sun - shivago
    9. underground suppliment ltd pt 1 - keep it stereo
    10. release me - dj choose pres. that mucho
    11. promiseland - hypertraxx
    12. raw bass - bosa system (sampunk main club mix)
    13. fine day - kirsty hawkshaw (steve murano mix)
    14. first strike - vincent de wit
    15. in my mind - dj zany
    16. echoes & souls - dj nonsdrome (original mix)
    17. bigger and tougher - e static (H.A.Z.A.R.D. mix)
    18. ultimo impero 2003 - old uncle diva
    19. devotion - dj subsonic (waveform rmx)
    20. project manga - human evolution

    I can honestly say this is the best cd i have ever heard. The way it flows and tells a story. And Connects.
    Containing House, Techno, Tracid, Trance, Hard House, Hard Trance, Dark Prog. the mix from 7 to 8 "searching for the light" then "no more sun you'll ever see." as if looking then finding the light only to have it taken away again. then from 8 to 9 from prog trance to scratching tech house and into 10 a really hard prog techno sound. Mixing on the Scratch into the Peak buildup of techno is really Phat to hear. 9 and 10 are two similar tracks but entirely different genres, its amazing to hear.
    Any person with any sense of electronic intelligence should give this a listen.
    And you'll know what im talking about when i say how fantastically different and great this stuff is.

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    Max B Grant Progressive Hardstyle mix


    1. maximum - max b. grant (video mix)
    2. life's a mistery - lucia antolini (hard trance club mix)
    3. accept no limits - dj sequenza (sequenza mix)
    4. go ahead - dj neil (club mix)
    5. do you like this? - skam (original skammix)
    6. second chase e.p - analogic disturbance (hunting 2)
    7. 1,2,3 hardstyle - hard z bass (extended version)
    8. progressive champion - max b. grant (original)
    9. 16 - ard und jorn (bitte ein beat rmx)
    10. cause - fistfull (dubby moodge rmx)
    11. make it loud - blutonium boy (dj neo rmx)
    12. tekknopumpin - max b. grant (original)
    13. call it hardstyle - hose (original)
    14. i've got - lebrisc (a-lusion rmx)
    15. excited - klone (part 2)
    16. running - max b. grant (dj vortex rmx)
    17. hey dj - max b. grant (max b grant vs philippe rochard rmx)
    18. feel free - max b. grant (mbg mix)

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    Dj Nonsdrome - Meltdown
    Swiss Progressive Hard Trance compilation

    1. flamming heart - chick -checkers
    2. hope - ess-eff
    3. follow the dream - mtw
    4. loneliness - tomcraft
    5. revolution - bk
    6. insane - darkmonks (steve murano vocal mix)
    7. now is the time - darren tate vs. mike koglin
    8. luved up - js ten
    9. echoes & souls - dj nonsdrome (Philippe Rochard rmx)
    10. warum up - asylum
    11. therapie - mindmaster
    12. burnin - global cee (kan cold mix)
    13. direct disco - tinitus
    14. obsession - hardliner
    15. destination - john stephens (chi mix)
    16. rebase - la cargo
    17. dreaming about paprica 2003 - dj robert & m. brothers (dave joy rmx)
    18. devotion - dj subsonic (wavetraxx rmx)

    very nice got another one too have to go home for the tracklist.

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    Swiss Progressive Trance Compilation
    Rave culture vol 1.
    Mixed by Dj SubSonic
    1. spring 2002 - dj loop (club mix)
    2. your destiny - polartraxx (original mix)
    3. pho - sioux (cosmic gate mix)
    4. hold that sucker down - o.t. quartet (warp brothers rmx)
    5. second chase - dave joy (original mix)
    6. will you remember me? - dj atmospherik (original mix)
    7. something stupik - dj stupik (dj subsonic rmx)
    8. oasis 2002 - the sunseekers
    9. time traveller - dj subsonic (wavetraxx rmx)
    10. empire of pain - agent plant (wavetraxx rmx)
    11. can i touch you there - jean douce feat.leela (vespa 63 rmx)
    12. legends - dave 202 & phil green (hijackers rmx)
    13. the bridge - no religion feat.gwendolyn rich (dj noise vocal mix)
    14. challenge - dj subsonic & indian (extended trance mix)
    15. souvenir de chine shane 54 (club mix)
    16. blue light - virus (original mix)
    17. split the trap - space planet,dj s.i. one, slave punisher

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    i can't believe i've never noticed this section of the forums before !
    anyway, for those after some pounding techno - try this

    *yes the quality is poor, but track selection is where its at

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    TOTAL SCIENCE ::Auckland.


    Local support - 48 Sonic / Phantom / Presha

    Will be gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!

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    Yakooza - Big Deal (Dj wag mix and original) - overdose germany

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    updating vinyl

    Uberdruck - Drugface (Pulsive media) *original mixes*
    JS ten - Luved up (endeavour) *chroma rmx and Disco&Brisky mix*
    Noise vs Nonsdrome - Wanna go insane and Ruff Stuff (voicenoise)
    Dj Stupik - Something Stupik (turning wheel) *Dj SubSonic rmx , Technoir mix and Extended original*
    Dj Wag - second step (overdose) *Yakooza reworx and Y.O.M.C. rmx*
    Human Evolution - Project Magneta (ID&T) *one small step for man mix and one giant leap for mankind mix*
    Pale X - Nitro (Nucleuz) *original vocal mix and Mr Bishi rmx*

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    Progressive House vinyl i just got today.
    Carlos Fauvrelle
    side a : Operator
    side b : Operator (8am mix)
    Choo Choo Records

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    Originally posted by CLeArEyEs
    TOTAL SCIENCE ::Auckland.


    Local support - 48 Sonic / Phantom / Presha

    Will be gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!

    thats gona frinkin go off, total science are the shit imo, there gona be in the civic on friday night in chch i think, and i herd in welly too but i dont know.

    dont know if its been said already but:

    uberdruck is pretty bloody awsome i think hes in nz round this time too


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    Yes Total Science is on here tonight.

    Trance and House this saturday with Twisted in wellington.
    And Breakers Delight on the same night at curve bar. This should be primo as, with dj's from auckland's breaks scene participating alongside welly's best.

    Uberdruck is in NZ???!!!????

    is that solid?

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    Meh done it myself...

    Decadance Auckland & Christchurch
    We are very excited to announce that undoubtedly German's most leading and charismatic Hard Trance DJs and producers: Uberdruck (DJ The Crow and David Rzenno) will be touring for the first time ever in New Zealand.
    Decadance Auckland > Friday 15 August 2003
    Decadance Christchurch > Saturday 16 August 2003

    i think im going to come up for this.

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    yea i cant get anuf of uberdruck, i think there ****ing fantastic lol.
    i dont supose that the chch one is all ages?


    p.s. do you dj N3v3rm|n?????

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    I do too. got a few records of theirs.
    Which answers your question mark. But not publically.


    umm Im not sure on the age thing. Has Decadence been to chch b4? When they've been here in wellington they were r18.
    Bribe the bouncer. You know its worth it.