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    I think I have discovered 'mix' music and liking it a lot. It is like old music updated ... and it is good to listen too!

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    Need to search out more of this stuff

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    Wow !!!!

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    Liquid, either you love it or hate it.

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    The Prodigy is coming to Auckland in Feb 2019. Colour me intrigued - I've not seen these guys live before but they were one of the first groups I really got into. Music For The Jilted Generation was the first CD I purchased!

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    I have to post this absolute classic from James Zabiela. Possibly the best Essential Mix ever.

    Soundcloud link

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    This years resolution promises no swearing from me and no abuse to fellow forum users with the exception of Clear-eyes

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    One to wind down with.....

    Simone Giudice - 'Momento'
    Simone Giudice - 'Corpo'
    Apparat - 'Caronte' (Radio Slave Ambient reprise)
    Ripperton - 'Daïmon'
    Otik - 'Theia' / Christopher Bissonnette - 'Jour Et Nuit'
    Tracey - 'THRRVL'
    Richard Skelton - 'For Berlin' / Christopher Willits - 'Coast'
    Spinnet - 'Exterior Minor'
    Fennesz - 'In My Room'
    Apart - 'Hera'
    The Humble Bee & Off The Sky - 'Haunt Me Still'
    Kyle Bobby Dunn - 'Years Later Theme'
    halftribe - 'Maybe'
    Simone Giudice - 'Cura'
    SØS Gunver Ryberg - 'The Presence_Eurydike'
    Violeta Vicci - 'Violet Light'
    halftribe - 'Linear'
    nthng - 'Atom'

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    Nice post you gt here, click Mp3 Download

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    I've started a new jungle / drum & bass radio show, every Saturday night on 8K.NZ. Check it out for a full spectrum of fresh and classic tunes, 50+ tracks packed into 2 hours every week!