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    Trance, Hard House, Techno, DnB

    well the times come.... i have to make this again. but this years resolution promises no swearing from me and no abuse to fellow forum users with the exception of Cleareyes

    Hard House
    RR Fierce and K-Live - Yamamba
    Mark Gray - 99.9
    Andy Farley - Your fear
    Nish - Stand down 2001
    BK and Dave Randall - Ascension
    Paul Glazby - MotherF***er

    Trance - all genres
    Noise vs Nonsdrome - wanna go insane
    Joy kitikonti - joy dont stop
    Dj energy - excelsis
    Dj wag - 2nd step
    uberdruck - fat as f***
    Ferry corsten - Digital punk (cosmic gate rmx)

    unfortunetly DnB isnt my field at the mo... but ill let someone else post.... and techno.... well ill have to go get some techno cds... enjoy.

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    Hey man, i'll grab some of them

    I was thinking we should do a best of of all the acts playing in the boiler room this year to give bdo goers an idea of who to see ! I will flag the doing tho *_*

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    wizoz is still around - Kenny-bot told me about YOU!

    shot man, /me gets on KaZaA

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    Hatiras vs J Majik - Spaced Invader
    Konflict - Messiah
    Ram Trilogy - Evolution
    Dieselboy vs Liam Howlett - Invid
    Dillinja - Never
    Moving Fusion - Sex Drive

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    Danny C - The Mexican

    Dillinja - Warpdrive
    ll - Valvesound
    ll - Keep it together
    err Dillinja - Cybtron THe Whole album

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    shot guys.

    hehe zoz, agreed man i wanted to listen to underworld tho and kraftwerk the starters but its jsut too little to tempt me this year aye.... sadly... other things to do too hehe

    heres a hard house track with techy flavour to the remix..
    Incisions - Beyond Motion (Steve Thomas remix)
    and anotehr fine thumper Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood - Devastation

    Saturday 15th February 2003 is Paul Janes and ilogik i think ill be there in auckland at the staircase for this

    hers a track from a New Zealander Hard House Dj, making it big in the UK. Phlash! feat. Steve Hill - Get a life (Frantic theme) (Andy Farley rmx) Phlash! is aka Mr Bishi..

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    Originally posted by Kid6o6
    Danny C - The Mexican

    Dillinja - Warpdrive
    ll - Valvesound
    ll - Keep it together
    err Dillinja - Cybtron THe Whole album
    that album is so phat ... nice thumping bass that really shows what my stereo can do

    todays DnB picks

    Ed Rush & Optical - White Lightning
    Technical Itch - Pusher
    )EIB( - Nitrous
    Doc Scott - Dark Angel
    J Majik - Solarize

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    man you should hear it comming out of my 5.1 setup, That album was designed to destroy buildings

    What do you think of Kosheen man?
    I quite like that old song slip'n'slide but overall think they are pop music

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    dunno what Kosheen is trying to be eh :confused:
    they appeared on a couple of dnb albums, but then again I've got a couple of trance cds with Kosheen

    Demonstrate is my fav song from them

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    doesnt kosheen tend to differ? in my opinion thats good.... means hes got true style.... any dj that can mix anythin u put in front of them is a god...
    not many of those around....

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    ephedra - u can abuse me in that special way baby .. you know I luv it

    and so we start again

    Kosheen does have variety

    kosheen - hungry (satoshi tomiie vocal mix) - mmmmm satoshi

    The mos 2003 annual - first listen I cringed abit ...... might be one of those ones that grows on you ... kinda wartish ..... ... anyway ... byegones

    nice to see this thread's back !!

    I said nice one bruvvvvva !!

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    what's your opinions of J Majik?
    I quite like them but doesn't really sound like they're full on dnb .... almost house / trance / dnb all rolled into one
    Got a J Majik album (Infrastructure), pretty good, been thrashing a bit

    my DnB for today

    Konflict - The Beckoning
    Jonny L - Selecta
    )EIB( - Ladies Of Spain
    Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost
    Futurebound & Protocol - Iron Eyes

    and a funky jungle tune for a bit of variety
    Adam F - Circles


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    Originally posted by =tOtal=
    ephedra - u can abuse me in that special way baby .. you know I luv it

    nice to see this thread's back !!

    I said nice one bruvvvvva !!

    OMG... i just got my cds!!!

    no more going to town and looking at chicks.

    oxa alarm club compilation vol 1 mixed by Dj Noise..
    holy heaven on earth, this is the shizz. even u DnB freaks would like it.
    /me @ Scott.

    Dan bro come and listen ull love it.

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    *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst shake the glow lights! *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst splash the water *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst pop that pill *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst dance the night away *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst *oonst

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    agh my head, dnb is not good when you have a huge hangover

    but alas here is my DnB picks for today

    DJ Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
    Future Cut - Midnight (Marc Da Intallex & ST Files Edit)
    Usual Suspects - Spawn Punch (Future Cut Remix)
    Roni Size - Who Told You
    DJ Zinc - Casino Royale

    and for all you Havoc & Newsboy fans
    Scattergram - Little Indian

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    I think jmajik is mostly shite.He's made a few good tracks like Tell me and his spaceinvader remix(Duh!) but yeah he's seems to make lighter faster d'n'b.TO soft for me

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    fair enough
    I like most of his stuff, but then again I'm one of those rare breed of DnB fans that actually likes trance too

    anyways here's my DnB picks for today

    Usual Suspects & Fierce - Sawn Off
    )EIB( - Sentient
    Dieselboy - The Descent (Phunckateck VIP)
    Dillinja - Human B Bop
    Accidental Heroes - 30 Degrees C
    )EIB( - Planet Dust


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    Hey bro i just heard a new bulletfroof track this afternoon and it's very very cool. Cant rember what it's called and i don't think it been released yet but it make Concord dawn sound like the light hearted wimps they are
    Real good vocal in it, I'll find out some details and update this

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    armin van buuren
    dutch force

    and infected mushroom is good, not sure which techno genre, there are too many.

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    my DnB picks for today

    Hive - Ultrasonic Sound (Dillinja Remix)
    Dillinja - Valve Sound
    Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman
    Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper?
    Digital Nation - Thin Air

    this one is a good mix between jungle and dnb

    Ellis D & Swannee - Lockdown


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    from Switzerland
    Dj Subsonic - Time Traveller (genre - Uplifting hard trance)
    Agent Plant - Empire of pain (uplifting trance)
    Hijackers - Jet lag (uplifting hard trance)
    N3 - this time will be ours (Hard trance)
    Dj Noise - save this earth (Proggressive trance)
    Dj Noise - Sibel (uplifting prog trance)
    noise vs nonsdrome - ruff stuff (progressive hard trance)
    waveform - i want u all (progressive trance)
    max b grant - beeping (hard trance)
    noise vs nonsdrome - wanna go insane (progressive hard trance)
    dj indian - a lot to learn (tech trance)
    dj nonsdrome - strange days (hard trance)
    dj simple - start in the overdrive (hard trance)
    dj indian - sleepless nights (uplifting tech trance)
    tempest - sound of life (uplifting trance)
    dj subsonic - devotion (hard trance)
    clubwizards - floorburn (hard trance)

    From germany
    dj arne L II - Testbichting (hard trance)
    pro active - the beat goes on (hard trance with breakbeat)
    Langenhangen - moinsen (hard trance)
    gollum and yanny - watch out (hard trance)
    dj dean - here we go (uplifting hard trance)
    Dj shoko vs groundzero - dont stop....****ing technopop (hard trance)
    miss jma - all bitches 2002 (hard trance)
    cosmic commando - slave to the rave (hard trance)
    generation next - ver di pulse (prog trance)
    dj Shredda - the chainsaw (hard rance)
    derb - africa (tracid trance)
    uberdruck - drugface (hard trance)
    arome - hands up (hard trance)
    cosmic gate - the wave (hard trance)
    cosmic gate - back to earth (hard trance)
    cosmic gate - exploration of space (hard trance)
    cosmic gate - melt to the ocean (hard trance)

    Green velvet - la la land (prog trance)
    harry choo choo romero - beats vol 2 (house)
    altitude - altitude (uplifting trance)

    Dj tiesto - lethal industry (uplifting trance)
    dj tiesto - urban train (hard trance)
    marc norman - overkill (prog hard trance)
    marc norman - above (prog hard trance)
    u.b.i - quadrophonia (hard trance)
    marco v - godd (tech trance)
    sensation - the anthem 2002 (uplifting trance)
    energy 52 - cafe del mar (uplifting trance)
    svenson and gielen - answer the question (uplifting prog trance)
    Ferry corsten - punk (hard trance)

    Distrexx - relax ur body (hard trance)

    rank 1 - such is life (uplifting prog trance)

    Joy kitikonti - Joy energizer (prog techno)
    Droid - ce ce rhythm (hard trance)
    Schwarzende - abuse (hard trance)
    milky way - rock (hard trance)

    enjoy folks

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    I own you


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    mmmmk... but no u dont.... u see u download ur stuff. and i get original cds.. and the big factor of life. ive been to europe, ive seen all these ppl live. and in august im going again, ill give ur regards to dj tiesto. see ya kani.

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    ok i must admit, i dont listen to much trancey stuff,
    but i do love concord dawn, from what ive heard, specially their first cd, that succubi song is teh r0x!

    infected mushroom are also pretty cool, try this song 'tasty mushroom' by them its pretty out of it
    and arabian nights on mesculine....... and theres some other pretty alright ones which i fergot.
    some happy hardcore songs are great too teh tetris one and crank it up are kewl, and xtc

    thanx fo that big list, ephedra ,im gunna try get some of them, after i finish donwloading a few bloodbath and katatonia and amorphis albums

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    Infected mushroom.... yeah thanks collie. i will definately look them up as someone else recommended them lately...