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    *wink* you know it Savvy

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    umm egor, or elemental, hes pretty well nown very good aswel.

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    oh, and blaster..... tolllollylollol

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    I'd say egor

    Qoke from GamerNet is cool too

    oh and I think (1) is definately the best clan, they tend to hang around servers with lotsa lag and no ram tho...

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    Puff is the most famous

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    well he's up there
    I think the phrase rhymes with clucking bell ...

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    spoot, egor and hamburlar.

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    there is no subsititute..

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    This is ssssuuuucccchhhh a try-hard Hades thread...

    pfft :P

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    you are such a try hard hades thread

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    and your ssssssssssssuuuucccccccuchhhh a gl_max_size 1 cheater

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    nah my custom tagg is famous

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    chi, ribby, opie, moo, houggs, gaz, bleat0r, opt, rox, oli, jimmy are all famous in my eyes!

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    <<<<<<------------- PH33R DA PRINCESS

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    nuff said....

    he was vewy scarwy !

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    britten's mouse.

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    Egor, No_sex*, sp00t, Darkman, cant be bothered typing anyone elses name at the moment cause my fingers are too tired.

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    shot i got a mention

    /slips crow a 50

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    /takes 50 slips it into pocket.

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    /slips penis in crow's pocket

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    Originally posted by Ringo*
    /slips penis in crow's pocket
    I wondered that small piece of string was doing in my pocket

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    u see.. u can call me a dumb aussie... you can call me a llama... heck you can call my mum waht the **** you like... but when you start with ma penix... ooo... grrr

    [WAR ON]

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    ROFL!!! couldnt you think of a witting comment to reply with, oh well cant be all funny like me.

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    ~`~CoMeDy StYlInGs of TheCrow~`~

    "Hey guys I just flew in from Seatle and boy are my arms tired!" *boodaboomchi*
    *tomatoes pegged at him*

    *adjusts tie* "woh, tough crowd"


    oh yeah.. grr [WAR ON] is still on..err yer.. i mean grrr