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  1. Question

    CSNZ most famous player

    who u think???
    i reckon Egor
    dont know why im asking, but i just am.

  2. Post
    yeah egor is the most known

  3. Post
    ToiletDuck 0wnz me. He es sew l33t. r0x0r2k

  4. Post
    Toiletduck used to be pretty famous
    but now hes gone underground

  5. Post
    I think the phrase rhymes with clucking bell ...

  6. Cool
    lol underground

    what does he do, illegal CS raves which have to be kept hidden from the authorities

    i reckon EGOR

  7. Post

  8. Post

    'nuf said

  9. Post
    me!!! $E^&$*%*&

    nah have to be that cheater Egor

  10. Post
    I would have to say Player.
    Famous worldwide

  11. Post
    I dunno... Sir Knumbskull was pretty famous once.

  12. Post
    Happy Camper

  13. Yelling

  14. Post
    You mean Spawns crosshair

  15. Post
    hmm.. what about some of the ZAP guys. i mean, those who used to be famous, aren't now. And some people are quiet players who don't make themselves well known, but have been around forever.

    My picks:
    Manunited11, Cabin (is he still alive!?), No^Sex, Hamburglar (he doesn't let us not remember him ), Cam3l, John'a, BuddyKnife, LadyDeath, and Wiz.

    most famous..i couldn't possibly decide.

  16. Thumbs up
    Originally posted by Katrina
    Hamburglar (he doesn't let us not remember him )
    I'm like, totally in dude... totally

    *strikes manly pose*

  17. Post
    *strikes hamburgular in the groin*

    not much there...

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    w00t tah Kat

  19. Yelling
    Someone mention me before I cry.

  20. Arrow
    Who is Egor?

  21. Post
    i dunno about Egor.. cause apart from his work here (on ) i havent seen him playing a whole lot...... I would have said sp00t but then he hasnt been playing much lately either.... so .... i would have to say ...... no one is that famous ... ne more ... maybe this is because CS is dying and ppl are fading away .. it may only be happening slowly but it deffinately is happening....... I remember when i used to be sp hard core and i would always play against Flint .. he used to be on all the time .. but now he has quit.. like a lot of good players have recently............................ its all downhill from here

  22. Post
    But Sacrifice, you're just a llama :|

    Who is spoot? Oh, isn't he that llama who uses other people's clan names without permission?

  23. Wink
    Shutup Sav, you're popular with men.

  24. Post
    im famous

  25. Post
    Originally posted by Sacrifice
    Shutup Sav, you're popular with men.
    That i am, we can have a bit of fun later if you like