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    well done the video available yet?

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    spudniks working on it Don't expect it for a day or so yet. Its gotta be edited and compressed, then uploaded. (and its BIG, so that will take a while...)

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    i think it should be done in realmedia..

    so the 56k'rs can stream it of course

    /me runs off and hides in a bomb shelter

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    Originally posted by <AVA> Supernova
    Hey guys.

    I do realise that it's cool to be a good winner, show sportsmanship and such...but this whole thread kinda reminds me of The Emperor's New Clothes.

    It's very clear from the score that this was not a close game. It was in fact a complete and utter CANING by WtF. Yet most of the posts here seem to be pretending that it was a hard won battle and both sides were evenly matched. There's a difference between being a good sport and just talking shit to make the other guy feel better.

    Just thought it was time someone admitted that, later.

    Who are you and does your husband play also?

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    Here's some screenies:

    Here's some images from the match.
    Preliminary - before the game began.

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    I got some pics of red crosses also.

    Wanna see them?

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    Here's some from Round 1.

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    And more:

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    And more:

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    And more:

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    hot dayum

    those some artistic shots right there

    post em in black and white and they'd look like the real thing !

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    And more:

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    And last one of Round 1:

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    Round 2, Fight!:

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    Round 2, more:

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    Screenshots afterwards:

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    Screenshots afterwards, more:

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    Holy shit E!B, you should teach photography classes dude, those are awesome! Just flipping through those in a slideshow is prolly the best BF visual promo evah!

    Respect man!

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    wd wtf.

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    yeah, i second Spetz!!

    Awesome dude!!!!
    I spammed the BF forums and all I got was my post count reset

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    Nice work E!B

    And for a change i don't think it was Baal who killed us all, i think someone beat him to it !!!

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    Thanks guys, but I can't take the credit. I took some lessons from the 'Chernov school of glorious screenshots'.
    One thing I learnt from looking at his screenies is to get REALLY close to the action and snap away.
    I filtered out all the crap, and these are the ones remaining.

    I decided against a commentary after reviewing them. They looked too pristine to mess with, and there are some great moments in there (Rex Havoc exits stage-left after the LC he's in gets absolutely DESTROYED by IPT).

    They're in choronological order, and are nice and big to encapsulate the action.

    Sorry to everyone on 56K.

    And if anyone wants a zip file of the screenies, let me know. They come to about 10mb.

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    nice screenies! maybe nxt time make a web page with them all and link to it as? its hard to read the comments from other ppl due to the page keeps scrolling cos pictures are loading above. and after clicking reply it loads them all again. hehehe

    some awesome carema work there!! so purdy

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    Originally posted by Luse_K
    nice screenies! maybe nxt time make a web page with them all and link to it as?
    Ah yeah, good call. I'll do that next time, or tonight (when I'm home) I'll re-edit everything.

    My bad. At least you've all got time to go get a nice cup of coffee while they load

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    awsome work !
    the only one i see that isnt really in order is the one of my swimming at the top of round2, not sure why it isnt, but that was an attempt to save our arses at the end.
    after getting about half way across a realised that spoon1 was awaiting my arrival, luckily he killed me before i drowned