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    Whoops, I know why that is. Before that point (Dalt Swimming) I Dc'd from the game and reconnected, so when I reconnected (and because I had previously moved the other screenshots) it started number the Screenies from 0 again.

    So, not QUITE in Chronological order

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    What's with the white bits here and there? Like on this tank...

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    Originally posted by E!B
    And more:

    Nice kill.....grab the enemies Type 99 from him and drive it through his leg. A painful and undignified way for a soldier to die.

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    this one is a classic ... Bastards surveying the carnage around him

    .. war is hell

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    Originally posted by E!B

    Ah yeah, good call. I'll do that next time, or tonight (when I'm home) I'll re-edit everything.

    My bad. At least you've all got time to go get a nice cup of coffee while they load
    hehe, usually its fine but the sheer quantity and quality of these screenies is awesome.
    thx a lot for takin the time to get them all up for us to look at

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    Originally posted by Spoon1
    What's with the white bits here and there? Like on this tank...

    <cut out image for space>
    I'm not 100% sure why that happens, something to do with some details in the game that show up as a transparency in photoshop - so when the image is saved for the web it takes on the colour of the background - usually white.

    So I've created an action that creates a new layer behind the image, fills it with grey (best neutral colour... bright Orange doesn't look right) #888888, then saves it to another folder called 'screenies', closes the original without saving and moves to the next one.

    So, when there's shadows of a soldier inside shadows of a building, the first shadows will look lighter than the building shadows. It's one drawback, but in the end works out okayish.

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    I get nothing of the kind when I p'shop scrns O_o

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    i get the same transparent effect as el b

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    Originally posted by {PWH} Spetsnaz
    I get nothing of the kind when I p'shop scrns O_o
    You open the TGA straight into Photoshop? Or are you pasting screenshots in?

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    I just use Image Converter .EXE to convert .tga to .jpg

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    I get the same thing
    what u needa do is put a BLACK layer behind it. then it looks perfect

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    I dont get this probe either.... is slipping.

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    What a game this was

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    If I could turn back time.... "la la la"

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    DR . J the dead thread ****er

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    Holy rebounded thread, batman

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    We wouldnt be doing this if bF2 didnt suck hairy arse

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    Mmmm, hairy arse

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    I once had a hairy arse , but a lighter a fart and a drunken dare scarred me for LIFE !!!

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    Wolfy wrote:
    I dont get this probe either.... is slipping.

    What are you talking about man..?

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    It was rigged!

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    lol you guys still hanging around here!! - I was just passing through and remembering the good ol' days

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    I drop by now and then...hows things? What are you up to these days?

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    I’m bumping this for nostalgias sake!