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    MGL Final wtf vs IPT result.

    Tonight we had the match of the season...

    The players - 2 clans both on the top of thier game and wanting to win so much they would sell thier own parents just to get an edge.

    The Setting- Wake is probally the most favoured map in all of BF1942, everyone has fond memories of the demo on Wake and tonight it was played how it was made to be played.

    The Mood - So tense if you flew a plane into it you would flood the engine with oxygen.

    The game kicked off a little late tonight and after a few false starts (EA and its spawn interface...yay for EA!! ) and we eventually got underway. I must say that I havent seen that quality of play in all my time playing BF1942, virtually no bomb/shell missed its target and everywhere a tank went there were traps setup to take them out.

    The first round had IPT on attack and in the 3rd time lucky we got a start going and the landing craft starting pouring in, wtf held the coast for quite awhile and this was the key to the first round because when IPT got a foothold it was pretty even from then on. wtf take the first round as allies 66-0.

    Second round wtf had the daunting task of invading wake island and started off very strongly systematically destroying the coastal defenses of the island and then launched a massive invasion which in turn almost lost the match for wtf as somehow while they were concentrating on the land war the japanses carrier was sunk and the destroyer also came under heavy attack, and at that exact time IPT pushed wtf off the island, this created a mass engineer spawn as wtf desperatly neded to keep the destoyer afloat of they would have no spawn points left and the match would have been over. The destroyer took alot of damage but didnt go down before the carrier spawned again and the wtf assault began again and this time it wouldnt be stopped. wtf take the second round 101-0.

    So wtf take the win 167-0 and take the 1st place trophy of Season 2 of the BF1942 MGL. IPT played brillantly the whole season and deserved to take the title just as much as wtf but on the day coudlt quite seal the deal.

    I would like to thank all of the clans for being good sports and for playing thier hearts out over these past 11 weeks, there has been some awsome games and some hard lessions learnt by all clans which should in turn make next season even more competitive and the gaming should be on the next level (if that is possible).

    Big ups to Ba'alzaman, Jax, Chernov and EB have all been great as admins and they will all be getting an invite back for the jobs next season as well.

    Been great fun guys, look forward to doing it all again.

    Rumor out

    PS:next goal, to kick aussies collective ass.

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    FN good games on both sides

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    First of all congratulations to {IPT} and wtf. for making the final

    and congratulations to wtf. for the overall win from everyone in {NT}

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    Well done wtf

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    Well played IPT, ya as Rumor said it was intense! Dr J didn't need Teamspeak, his yelling was heard all over Auckland!

    FYI all, Spudnik recorded the game, and El Bandito provided commentary. Hopefully the finals movie will be available for download off the realm in a day or so's time.

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    Well dont to both sides.

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    Awesome game by all involved !!

    Just listening to the game was tiring !

    well done to IPT for hitting hard and throwing a BIG scare at wtf when you sunk that carrier

    and finally, CONGRATS to all the wtf members who have played, practiced, theorised and strategised throughout this season, and props to the "finals 12" for finishing it off !!!

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    congrats wtf

    you guys deserve the title, lets see you take the fight to the 1st

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    Great game IPT, i was shitting my pants thru that second round.
    Its gonna take me a few days to get over that game, it was hard out !!!!!'

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    well done guys,

    good on ya IPT for making the final,

    GO WTF for taking out the final,

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    I'm sure we ended that first round with no spawns...

    Hard games, many thanks IPT.

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    I forgot all about the final congrats wtf well deserved 1st MGL winners and congrats to IPT for what would have been a hard faught final. Hope to play you guys in the next season.

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    Congrats wtf, I look foward to watching the movie

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    yeah gg witness,
    bloody good games,

    that hit on the beach was intense,

    also thanks rex for failing to open that shoot
    i woulda been royally screwed if you had !

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    Wait, so in the 2nd round wtf had no spawn points other than the destroyer and they managed to keep it afloat until their carrier respawned bespite IPT's air attack, and they took the round by more than 100 tickets in the end?!


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    Well done to both teams Sounds like a wikkid match

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    Well played {IPT} and the wtf. guys, I was sitting on the reserves bench listening in absolute agony - probably most frustrating thing I've ever done (although we heard some people down here in Christchurch without needing voice comms)

    Obviously the right result from my point of view, but all the clans played hardout throughout the MGL season and congrats must go to {IPT}, {PWH} and [NZAF] for making the semis in particular.

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    Originally posted by {PWH} Spetsnaz
    Wait, so in the 2nd round wtf had no spawn points other than the destroyer and they managed to keep it afloat until their carrier respawned bespite IPT's air attack, and they took the round by more than 100 tickets in the end?!

    Yeah. We managed to maching gun the planes out of the sky (a little) and took South eventually in the process. Then it was hold and push. Aircraft Carrier respawned a bit later on.

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    yeah i was taking a sneaky peak over eb shoulder throughout the game, well played and congrats go out to wtf.

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    Well done to both teams

    Cant wait for the video...sounds bigger than Ben Hur

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    congrats wtf, but ur clan tags "wtf. - MGL BF Champs" are a bit over the top

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    well done to both teams, sounds hard fought, big ups to wtf for taking title.

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    Originally posted by SASQ
    congrats wtf, but ur clan tags "wtf. - MGL BF Champs" are a bit over the top
    Nah man they deserve it.

    Well played wtf, it was by far the closest match I've played in despite the score at the end of the match.
    IMO it could have gone our way if not for 2 things:
    1. The awesome effort from Ba'al and snow on the destroyer (and a couple of others whos names I failed to catch as I was frantically trying to torpedo you to hell ). That was, as Dr J put it on ICQ later on last night "Madness". Nothing short of a swarm of planes, machine gun fire, landing craft and destroyer shells. It's incredibly hard to fly in at sea level while getting shot to hell by snow on one of the Destroyer AA Machine Guns, and at the same time shooting a landing craft and successfully launching a torpedo at the ship itself.

    2. You guys were all over us like a rash where ever we tried to gain a foothold in the first round. This meant you had more tickets to hammer away at us with.

    Very well played!!

    To the IPT guys: Thx for a fantastic season. Had some great laughs, met some cool people, and played some awesome matches. You're all champs in my book

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    Originally posted by SASQ
    congrats wtf, but ur clan tags "wtf. - MGL BF Champs" are a bit over the top
    hehe! permit me (i started it) my little bit of fun i'll go back to my normal tag soonish

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    Awesome awesome fun

    Unfortunately due to technical difficulties (my pc locked up 60 seconds before round 2 began) I was unable to play at all Gutted I missed it!! But yeah! Well done wtf., sounds like we almost had ya there

    And a big thanks to ALL of the teams who we played against this season, you all fought really hard and provided us with some GREAT competition.

    A special thank to =DNA= who we were fortunate enough to scrim against on several occasions. You guys have certainly got what it takes. A huge and we look forward to seeing you being a whole lot more prominent in the next MGL.

    Go have sum fun guys and we'll see you all on the battlefield next season