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    imagine if i was good

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    gg guys

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    Such a gg i don't remember it must of been ****ed up.

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    was a gg last night
    shows i need/we need some real practice,

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    Yup no doubt. Ill try organize another game.

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    What are you guys doin Wednesday 30th september 7:30pm scrim with Halo ?

    Add me to friends and give me a shout if your looking for game.



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    Posting in an old dusty thread

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    Hi ive been playing on this server for like 2012 - 2014 now im back on at 2k16 and it says its now need server update too next version can use please update fast and legit i only got this game again too play gpnzassault server

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    it warms my little heart to know that my fwends are still here !