"A" and "B" in rotary, what does it mean?

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    I Just came back to add some info to my post on the first page and read a few comments.

    I'll go ahead and waste my keyboard just for you

    Mutton wrote:
    You got worked up over nothing.
    Read the post again bro.
    I don't get insulted or worked up by people online.
    They are insignificant. Generic usernames, avatars and fake personas on a screen.

    If I'm interested in a discussion, or can help with something, I'll chip in.

    GorGasm wrote:
    Uh, it's exactly what you just did.
    Read again - "That was a smart ass reply to your smart ass comment. Not an insult."

    Learn the difference between being a smart ass and insulting someone.

    GorGasm wrote:
    Also now that you've been called out you are abandoning ship
    "Called out"...lmfao.

    I'd already stated why I was done here.
    I came across this thread while browsing rotary forums and gave some info about the 13a.
    The thread got derailed and like I said I'm not here for petty arguments.

    And that is that.

    Feel free to reply, to no avail.

    Again - Goodbye and all the best. I'll bump this thread in another 10 years
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    Tough guy makes heroic return. More news at 6.

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    If I keep posting, will he keep coming back?

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    Well, he's no coward...