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    Forum criteria

    If you want to request a clan forum, make sure you fill the following criteria:
    • A homepage - A functional website with a full members list
    • At least 8 members - Preferably all with forum accounts
    • No double clanners - Members mustn't be in any other clans

    You will need to meet each of these requirements before we even consider putting up your forum. Dont even ask until you comply with all of them.

    There are also various extras that (though not essential) will GREATLY improve your chances of getting a forum. These are:
    • Experience - A rundown of your last couple of matches will go a long way. Scores are unimportant. Its more a case of whether all the players you assigned for the match showed up...
    • Speak english! - Make sure we can understand your request. /me glares at gilbert...
    • Be polite - Flaming or spamming your request thread will get it deleted.
    • Recommendations - Get some reputable people to put in a good word for you. It'll greatly up the odds of you getting a forum.
    • Patience - We're a very sensitive bunch and dont particularly like being hassled. Give us time to fill out your request and we'll get round to it as soon as possible. Dont just keep asking or you'll get ignored.


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    Please also indicate what GAME your clan is for so that we know where the forum should go.