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    2nd time around surprisingly the movie still didn't feel slow (over 2 hour run time).

    Alita 'looks' better in 2D.
    The 3D is ok but the glasses make everything darker and so less detail is apparent?

    I liked the story a little more on the second viewing.

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    Really want to see this. Fingers crossed for tickets from the GP comp (waiting patiently for the draw)

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    Very decent movie, nothing really negative to say out it. CGI was very clean and well done, you could actual follow it instead of the usually blurry mess of shit.

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    As someone who has no time to bother with manga, is this film decent as a standalone? Or do you need to be a fan to enjoy it?

    Also, why is the lead badly CGIed compared to everyone else?

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    It's good as a standalone flick. If you enjoy sci-fi action flicks you'll be at home with this.

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    It's been interesting to see the general critical backlash, not just in the number of straight forward reviews but the numerous articles calling out the film as nothing more than the next major flop... yet the general public scores are much higher than the critics and the box office, while not super amazing, was certainly higher than predictions. Going to be very interested to see if between this and the change over between Fox and Fox Under Disney will get a sequel greenlit.

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    Adding this to my list for movie of the week at Event.

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    I had a great time watching this film. It was fairly well done.

    My criticism is that that they packed too much into it, there was a lot of plot dumps. It would've worked better as a series.