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    Setting up
    - NZ download for Steam and CS1.6 from Gameplanet (or JSG realm)
    *- How to Install Steam includes the "The local service is not running" error fix. Also see Steam Features info (HalfLifeSource)
    - How to get 1.6 and Steam FAQ (cherie #Fem-FX)
    - Steam setup instructions forum thread (sogamed)

    Check SteamPowered News often for Steam/Friends network status, upgrade announcements etc.

    - Official SteamPowered Steam FAQ and Support/Help forums (Valve)
    - Steam Problem Thread (CSNZ Gen Forums)

    - Steam support on irc: on GamesNet
    1. #steam To ask a question /msg SteamBot <question>
    2. #steam-support
    3. #steam-hangout If you want to chat.

    To find NZ 1.6 Servers: Under 'Servers', filter by: Game cstrike, Latency <100, Location Australia
    New location for config.cfg and autoexec.cfg: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[Your e-mail]\Counter-Strike\cstrike

    Tips/Tweaks/Fix-its etc
    *- Gokken: features Tweaking CS1.6 guide, Custom skins etc. info, Common Steam and CS1.6 Problems/Solutions guide.
    - Steam skins sites: steamskinners.jbdubbs and steam.krzyworld
    - Steam/CS 1.6 Support Page - includes Steam Client FAQ/ Playing MP3īs/ Weapon and Radio Binds/ Mute Players/ Finding Your SteamID/ Showing Your Real FPS/ Full list of console commands/ Enable Compatability Mode/ Close Steam While In Background/ Router Ports (DeCapiTator)
    - 1.6 guide to Buy scripts/ Changing font/ Changing weapon names/ Increasing Frame rate (Mike 'toshiRo' Contant / clan zEx)
    - MP3 Player instructions (CSNZ Gen Forums thread)

    Changing In-Game Font : Changing In-Game Font in CS 1.6 (also see this thread and trackerscheme)
    How to install custom skins, sounds, maps, etc.: Instructions
    Returning Titles to normal (eg replacing 1.6 weapon names with the classic names): Extract titles.txt to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[Your-mail]\Counter-Strike\cstrike
    de_aztec weather: cl_weather 1/0 enables/disables the rain

    1.6 Buy Scripts
    - RzE's CS Helper version 16.0, a popular alias pack (updated to support CS 1.6 and Steam)
    - TitrationX's here
    - NextWish's CS script
    - Counter-Script 1.6 Scripting FAQ

    Turning off Mouse Acceleration
    - Start Steam, click on Games
    - Rightclick on CS, select Properties, then click on Launch Options
    - Add the parameters -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms
    - Create/modify a CS shortcut with the target "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -silent -applaunch 10 -nojoy -console -game cstrike -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms

    Muting Players In-Game
    - Escape, click "Player list"
    - Scroll down to the appropriate person
    - Click 'Mute In-game Voice'

    *Having problems with Steam Hanging?
    Problems are often caused by your login to Steam being messed up. This trick seems to solve problems for many people:
    - Go to C:\Program Files\Steam
    - Delete ClientRegistry.blob (just rename it if you don't like the idea of deleting stuff)
    - Exit Steam
    - If you can, check Steam has Actually closed in Task Manager
    - Start Steam. It should auto-update once its loaded, thus reinstalling the clientregistry.blob file.

    RiotShield (RS)
    - Auto-Reload Pistol Bug
    - Invincibility Bug
    - Invisibility Bug: Shields get 'lost'
    - Server Crash Bug
    - Hitbox Bugs
    - Shield going through single surfaces Bug (eg walls, windows, doors)
    - VIP Bug: Possible to spawn as a VIP with a shield.
    - Slow down Bug : If you have the riot shield on block mode, then drop it, you will be stuck in the slow movement even though you aren't carrying the shield anymore. You can get out of this by taking out your knife or another gun.
    - Can't Pick Up Bug: eg Shields dropped at T spawn in some places on Aztec (Sogamed thread with pics)

    Losing Binds When Dead Bug: this is rumoured to occur because you've pressed the crouch key/died. Try
    1. type spec_menu 0 in console OR
    2. push ~ to activate console, then push escape, then push ctrl to bring up the spec menu OR
    3. type +duck in console. Close it and you'll see a menu bar underneath. Click on Options and select Close

    Teamchange Bug: Sometimes you can't change teams - you will have to reconnect to do so.
    1024x768 Bug: Missing 1024x768 Resolution option (image)
    HLTV: Current word from is that HLTV has problems. Connecting HLTV from the same network as the CS server still works, but connecting outside your own network doesn't work. **Updated: "HLTV will be working again, it just has some trouble since the authentication code changed from WON to Steam. Update comes soon ..."" (
    * 1.6 has a different command to stop HLTV demo recording on serverside - it's now "stoprecording" rather than "stoprecord" (please note, SERVERside not CLIENT)
    Friends List Bug Fix: Instructions

    - 1.6 can only play 1.6 demos, no previous demo versions are supported.
    *Either use bds's SKPlayer 1.1 demo util or go into CS console and type viewdemo <demoname> or playdemo <demoname>
    *If you want to fast forward type host_framerate 0.1 in console To return to normal speed type host_framerate 0
    - Ineyes 1.6 demos sometimes still shows "Select Team' menu even though the player has joined team/spec. The Scoreboard does not show correctly.
    - HLTV 1.6 demo map overview now takes up 1/4th the screen and has an ugly white border. The overview also zooms when the POV players uses a weapon to zoom.
    - The viewdemo player itself is pretty similar to that of 1.5. "In fact it's identical, the only thing is that the F1/F2 buttons don't do anything. Remember when cs1.4 came out and the F1/F2 buttons didn't work, and you had to edit some bat file (I can't remember exactly what now) to unbind the keys? Well that was because those keys were reserved for the viewdemo command. But in 1.6 they don't do anything at all... Which leads to a problem where the viewdemo player just disappears after you close it and watch the demo. There's no way to getthe player back (at least I couldn't figure it out). But in CS 1.4/1.5 all you had to do was hit the F2 key to get it back... Also, while you can watch a demo with the viewdemo player displayed, the screen is darker, and you can't see all that much." (Sogamed thread)

    Extra Stuff
    - 'Official' CS Bots have been removed in this 1.6 release. Here's some random rumours as to why.
    - CS 1.6 Server Setup Primer by ep1taph (please note, SERVER not CLIENT)
    *- Linux Steam and CS1.6 Install Guide (please note, SERVER not CLIENT)

    * = Recently added/updated

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    I've compiled this from various sources so that people don't have squillions of places to check out for 1.6 Info.

    Please only post here if you have information that should be added

    In the effort of keeping this a tidy resource, I'm going to delete all extraneous posts - so don't be suprised/offended when your post is deleted

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    Custom Maps/Sounds/Sprites/Models in Counter Strike 1.6

    Go to into your steam folder (default C:\Program Files\Steam) and go to steamapps, open the folder with your user name (i.e C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]) and then open the Counter Strike folder. There should be a "cstrike" folder in here. In the cstrike folder, create these new folders.

    sounds --> weapons

    and put the files in the appropriate folders. I heard that p_models are not allowed as people are putting 6 foot barrels on them to be seen through walls. Steam should use any custom things that you put into these folders. If not, then google for solutions.

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    Cat Drivers produce poor FPS in game, 100fps dropping to as low as 40 on high spec systems constantly.

    Solution: Not 100% sure. You can try reverting back to Cat Driver 3.5 or 3.6 (fixes problem for some people), Pray steamupdate fix the well known bug (keep an eye out on & steampowered forums).
    Also alternate drivers for both ATi and NVidia over at evidentally they're real good
    Official ATi Statement:
    Any other ideas / solutions would be good

    Edit: Cat 3.0's work best for me

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    Latest Servers from ASE

    ACSOnline cstrike #2 (steam) 1.6|48ms|
    ACSOnline cstrike #4 (steam) 1.6|55ms|
    Actrix CS 1.6 #3|37ms|
    Actrix CS 1.6 #4|38ms|
    adnexus Clan Server by iPlay|51ms|
    Apprentice Clan Server|44ms|
    Asylum CS FF 1.6 Server|38ms|
    Asylum CS FF Clanmatch Server|40ms|
    Barney1 - World-Net Counter-Strike 1.6 Server|34ms|
    Barney2 - World-Net Counter-Strike 1.6 Server|37ms| CS 1.6 #1|40ms|
    Counter-Strike dedicated server|53ms|
    eversion Clan Server|55ms|
    FTW.NET.NZ CS 1.6 [FF]|37ms|
    Gameplanet NZ CS (1.6) Impact Clan Server|40ms|
    Gameplanet NZ CS (A) (1.6)|34ms|
    Gameplanet NZ CS (B) (1.6)|35ms|
    Gameplanet NZ CS (C) (1.6)|36ms| CS 1.6 (steam)|29ms|
    Homer1 - [email protected] CS 1.6 Server|31ms|
    Homer2 - [email protected] CS 1.6 Server|33ms|
    Incorporated Clan Server @ Mystic NZ|43ms|
    InspireNet CS - Home Of -=Mi5=-|49ms|
    [k]illerz | Clan Server by iPlay|51ms|
    King Clan Server 1.6 by iPlay|41ms|
    MoreNet CS1.6: de_dust de_aztec|37ms|
    Orcon CS 1.6 (Evilplan)|40ms|
    Paradise#4 CS1.6|41ms|
    Paradise#5 CS1.6 FF|42ms|
    PC Alpha(NZ) CS 1.6 Server(A)|38ms|
    Quake City Lan CS 1.6 -|9999ms|
    Raise Clan Server @ Mystic NZ|45ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #1 WC3|36ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #2 Custom Maps|28ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #3 WC3|37ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #4 Standard|33ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #5 WC3|29ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #6 Standard|35ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 #7 WC3FT|29ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 C.U. Clan|31ms|
    Recoil NZ CS 1.6 SynC Clan|34ms|
    Sigma CS 1.6 Clanmatch|45ms|
    [SMG] iPlay CS Server 1|43ms|
    [SMG] iPlay CS Server2 |43ms|
    [SMG] iPlay CS Server3|44ms|
    [SMG] iPlay CS Server4|41ms|
    TargetPractise Playground: The Home of ^zen|36ms|
    Team Guardian Clan Server|48ms|
    Warp9 booking CS 1.6|41ms|
    Xtra CS 1.6 Server 5|33ms|
    Xtra CS 1.6 Server 6|32ms|
    Xtra CS 1.6 Server 7|29ms|
    Xtra CS 1.6 Server 8|29ms|
    Xtra MGL CS Match 1 (A)|31ms|
    Xtra MGL CS Match 2 (B)|35ms|
    Xtra MGL CS Match 3 (C)|35ms|

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    GCFScape (browses and extracts files from .gcf cache files)

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    Originally posted by Twinsen
    Cat Drivers produce poor FPS in game, 100fps dropping to as low as 40 on high spec systems constantly.
    Further to Twinsen's post regarding the FPS drop on high spec machines. I had this problem on my P4 with a Radeon 9800Pro using the Catalyst 3.9 drivers. Constantly the FPS would drop to, in some instances 15. I found this solution to the problem:

    1) Downloaded the latest Cat drivers, 3.10.
    2) Downloaded Driver Cleaner 2.6 from install and run it. I followed the instructions that were given in the readme.txt exactly (which includes the running the Cab Cleaner module) and had no problems.
    3) Install the latest version of the Cat Drivers.

    Now in CS 1.6 I get constant 100FPS.

    Driver Cleaner is a great program that I use everytime I upgrade gfx card drivers. It works with NVidia Detonator drivers as well as other driver sets. I can't guarantee this fix will work for your system as I think it's ATI specific.

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    Found a fix to get cs working with compatibility mode:

    You don't get the 'multiple installs' error - so people with movement lag can play again! (i.e. me :P)

    1) Use control Panel to Uninstall Steam
    2) Go into run and run "regedit" and under CURRENT_USER and LOCAL_MACHINE delete the valve folders.
    3) Go to start > search and search from "Steam." Delete any file that comes up.
    4) Get steam off and let it update.
    5) Go to games and right click on counter strike and click install now.
    6) Go into program files/steam/ and right click on steam.exe and go to properties and undo the compatibility box.

    If you are one who needs the compatibility boxes to prevent the mouse/keyboard lag then you can still have hl.exe and hlds.exe in the steamapps/e-mail/cstrike directory checked for Windows 98 compatibility, but Steam.exe cannot have this box checked otherwise once you close steam the first time the error will come back.

    If this doesn't work for other people i'm sorry, but it's worked for me. The process really doesn't take that long. It's about 10-15 mins if you have high speed internet.

    Note: With the latest update, you couldn't run steam.exe in Win98 Compatibility mode anymore because it would give you a error saying you had 'Multiple Installs' and 'the game was of a different version'. Do the above and you get past it and you can fix your keyboard/mouse lag problem. It would be nice if steam just fixed the keyboard/mouse lag issue in the first place. But, thats steam for ya .

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    As created by Darkman....

    Steam is now Available for Lan play
    Follow these Steps to update your steam to be able to play on lan
    IT is important you update your Steam First

    Launch steam from your taskbar ( assuming you have it running already)
    Select Settings to open that menu

    Click Verify Email Address

    Enter the code you were emailed from Valve

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    Updated information on the INPUT LAG bug in the last few releases of CS. My thread addresses *most* known fixes.
    Its in CS technical help at

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    i don't have the 'verify email address' option
    all i have is 'change password' and 'change contact email...'

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    Just adding to AncalagoN's post, if you have installed a new video card be sure to run the cleaning options for your old card as well to get rid of any old drivers it left on your system. I jumped from 30fps to 100 using the cleaning tool

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    to install custom sprays:

    How to install sprays

    Download the wad file from the site to your hard drive by left clicking the picture of the spray you want or right clicking it and choosing "save target as"
    Make a copy of the file and rename one of the files to pldecal.wad and the other one to tempdecal.wad
    Move both of the files to the mod directory. This is located in the steam directory. For example in steam the path to counter-strike is ...Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\counter-strike\cstrike\ .You'll know its the right one if you are prompted to overwrite the existing pldecal.wad
    when in the main menu for CS DO NOT use the customise menu to check if your spray has worked as this will overwrite the spray.
    Your spray is now ready for use. Feel free to hunt down n00bs and tag their corpses with your spankin new spray. Remember not all servers allow logo upload so if you see the default lamda spray then it doesnt mean your spray isn't working.

    link to site for different sprays

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    How to Set up HLTV in cs 1.6

    Install Dedicated server.

    Play games - dedicated server.

    Open up dedicated server.

    Click on the HLTV icon.

    Read the hltv.cfg for a full list of commands

    Connect "serverip"
    serverpassword "password"

    When you want to record, just type record "lol" and it will automatically record to your dedicated server folder, import the demo it cs and play.

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    Just found this on the Steampowered Forums. Thought it might be useful for some of you. It explains how to stop your friends window from appearing half way off the edge of the screen. I edited it and cleaned it up a bit.

    1. Download this hex editor.
    2. Make a backup copy of your 'x:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\platform.gcf' file.
    3. Run the XVI32 hex editor and open the 'platform.gcf' file. (Remember to close steam first.
    4. Search for the 'Text string' 958 (Search > Tick 'Text string'). This is the x-pos, in pixels, for your Friends window. You'll see the xpos header just before it. Also, look immediately after the cursor and find the headers ypos, wide and tall. These are the 4 values used to position and size the Friends window.
    5. Change the 958 value to 000 (Three zeros). Change the ypos value from 53 to 00. Do not change any of the surrounding " (quote) marks or anything else. Just the numbers. This will force the Friends window to the upper left corner of your screen.
    6. Save platform.gcf and close the editor.
    7. Start Steam and open your Friends window. Then adjust the window to the position and size you want it. Then exit Steam.
    8. Open 'x:\Program Files\Steam\config\dialogconfig.vdf' with Notepad or WordPad. Scroll down until you find the header 'Friends'. Right after that you'll see the xpos, ypos, wide, and tall headers again. Write down these 4 values and close Notepad/WordPad.
    9. Open the hex editor, load the 'platform.gcf' file again like in step 3. This time, search for the value 526. This is the LAST (tall. of the 4 values. So scroll up slightly to locate the 4 headers and values again.
    10. Change the 4 values to the ones you wrote down. (Note: The xpos (the one you did earlier, not this one) should still be 000 and the ypos should still be 00). DO NOT change the number of characters. Enter a leading 0 (zero[s]) if the number of characters are less than the original value.
    11. Save the platform.gcf file and exit the editor. Voila, there you have your window.
    12. If something goes wrong, restore the backup copy of platform.gcf.

    All credit goes to Vet for originally posting this.

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    Hey all

    I see there's still a 1.6 server up. May I humbly request admin so myself and the existing NZ community can put it to use? If credentials are still required these days lol np to show.

    Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    gotcha !!

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    Woah that four year bump though

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    Thank you, I've been looking for detailed instructions for a long time.