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    Getting CS Help on Forums

    - Before you post any CS questions, check to see if they have already been answered in the CS 1.6 Support / Info thread or the
    CS Frequently Asked Questions forum.

    - Please post in the CS Technical Help forum about technical problems/issues that you might be having with CS. Please also post your computer specs if relevant. Don't forget that there is also a general Hardware and Tech. Help forum.

    - You can also search recent forum posts.

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    How to Ban Cheaters

    Dont continue playing and ignore cheaters, they might go away for now but but the problem will keep coming back... In order to have a cheater added to the NZ Ban List:

    Gather Evidence
    1. The suspect's WonID or SteamID
    2. A DEMO! (it must conclusively show cheating occurring)
    3. Which server cheating occurred on (date and time can also be useful)

    Report the Suspect
    Contact an Admin live in IRC or Email the server GamesMaster

    Please zip/rar screenshots/demos before sending them to a GamesMaster/Admin.
    And btw, when you successfully report a cheater... thanks for your efforts

    Gathering Evidence

    Taking a Screenshoot of the Suspect's WonID/SteamID

    Bring down the console (the tilde key ` just below the Escape key), and type status. This will give you a list of players' names and information. There is a key as to what all the numbers are along the top, although the numbers are often not directly below their key. The 2nd number after the players name (called uniqueid) is the WonID/SteamID.

    If you use the status command while recording a demo, the status info will be recorded in it.

    The default screenshot key is F5. Hit F5 and it will put a .bmp file in your Halflife directory, called mapname0000.bmp
    eg a de_aztec screenshot would be would be called de_aztec0000.bmp.

    Recording Demos

    - Please don't play through rounds yourself. You need to go into Spectator mode, or kill yourself at the start of the round (type kill in console). Watch through the suspect's eyes as you record.

    - To start recording: bring down the console and type: record cheater1
    This will start recording a demo with the filename cheater1.dem.

    - You must stop the demo at some point (quitting CS doesn't stop the demo properly), by bringing down the console again, and typing: stop
    The demo file will now be in your cstrike directory.

    - If you haven't recorded some concrete proof within 5 minutes, please stop the demo and record another one.

    - To watch the demo: Load CS, then click on "console" (should be the top option on the menu). Once in the console, type: playdemo cheater1
    (eg If you called your demo "wallhacker", type: playdemo wallhacker)

    Proving someone is cheating can sometimes be a tricky business. If the admin/gamesmaster doesn't ban your suspect on the strength of your evidence, remember that they are just trying to be fair and unbiased to the best of their ability. So gather more evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt that your suspect is cheating, and try again.

    Report the Cheaters

    Contact NZ CS Admins Live in IRC

    Method 1: You can connect easily through your web-browser - just click here: undernet webchat and type /join #nzadmin (once you are connected)

    Method 2: You can log on to on mIRC and join channel #nzadmin

    If you want to download mIRC or are unsure on how to use IRC, check these links out:
    - Download mIRC from mIRC or tucows
    - Very quick instructions on how to set up/use mIRC (once you've done these, select 'Commands>Join Channel then type #nzadmin)
    - Learn more about mIRC

    Email the server GamesMaster

    Server providers with a * are members of the NZ Ban List (username:guest / password:guest) and can add cheaters to it.

    Be polite, and remember to compress (zip/rar etc) any files you send.

    Been Banned?

    DON'T post on forums. Go read this.

    Write a polite message to the relevant gamesmaster outlining the time and circumstances of your ban. They will also need to know your WON/SteamID. Please be patient, gamesmasters are busy people.

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    Gameplanet Forums Terms and Conditions of Registration

    A little reminder:

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    The forum operators have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or message without notice and for any reason.

    By clicking the I Agree button at the bottom of this page you indicate your acceptance of all of the preceding terms and conditions.