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    General Clan Discussion

    .... oh come on .... someone had to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So - Wat Up?

    I'm about to fix a scope onto my slug gun - then i'm having a fireworks party

    Ooooooo Fireeeeee Hottttttt

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    Scoe - If you're cruising round - could you please empty your mailbox so I can reply to your message? TA

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    Oh that's truly sad if you two are privately messaging each other via CSNZ !!!!!!!!

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    OMFG - lol@imps tag

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    Shaddup Scoe P.S. You got an email address?

    Kiwi - lol truely sad just cos you're jealous?

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    Cheers Dude

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    Oh come on've proven you can do it before...use words mate....they're not really that scary are they?

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    Oh yeah !!!

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    LOL's not that bad eh!

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    Hey Kiwi - on a friendlier note - how do you get all your wee picture thingy's that are not in the list....or do you get them by being an absolute wizz at programming or something?

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    you just use the [img] tag ... for example, to get the pic about I type in the following:


    note: change the {} with [] is just a redirector to my web server at home where I keep all the smilies I want

    I good site to get smilies from is:

    check it out

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    Cheers Mate - you da man

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    Scoe ==>

    Kiwi_cable ==?

    Imp ==>

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    AHHAHAHAHHAA.....hey - at least my wheels move on mine....oopps....or is that my feet running Fred Flintstone style?

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    looks like a rather sick wheel to me

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    Hey how do you use them if they don't have a text box next to them??? I think I got lost

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    it has taken you this long to find out you're lost?

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    Perro ladrador, poco mordedor.

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    Yeah yeah whatever! Speak English bugger you!

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    Co que ladra, no morde.

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    Originally posted by Scoe
    Scoe ==>

    Kiwi_cable ==?

    Imp ==>
    Scoe.. it may help that the race is going that way ====>

    ur car is a lil ****ed up